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5 Reasons Why Your US Auction Car Purchase or Shipping to Nigeria May be Delayed

By Femi Amisu Updated: 05/08/2022 Posted: 04/01/2019

Buying a US auction car is a straightforward but lengthy process that all intending buyers should be aware of. Regardless of the average length of time (6-8 weeks), the benefits far outweigh the negatives. With Auto Auction Mall, you get to buy your dream cars at a fraction of the price. You also have access to used car auctions across entire North America from the comfort of your home.

So you won the bid on that 2010 Toyota Venza. And you’re excited because you were able to save more than $2000. Fast forward to the shipping stage and the shipping company is telling you about delays and changes to the estimated time you were expecting the car to hit Tin Can port. Though you might be worried, but in most cases, there’s no reason to be. Sometimes delays can occur and change the shipping schedule entirely. It might be discomforting to you but some of these things can be prevented and some can’t be helped.

Here are 6 reasons why your online auction used car purchase might experience some delays:

Balance Payment Not Complete

When you purchase a used car through AutoAuctionMall either via a “Buy Now” offer or the online auction system, usually within 24 hours you are forwarded a payment invoice with payment information for you to go to your bank and make payment. With most online auctions, the time frame for payment is 2 working days. Any longer and you stand the risk of incurring penalty payments which also have to be paid.

Auto Auction Mall provides near accurate estimates on request. This is for you to have an idea of the cost of the vehicle and budget for it accordingly. In order to make this payment from Nigeria, you would require a US dollar denominated domiciliary account. You would need to exchange naira for dollars which you then deposit in your domiciliary account and transfer to Auto Auction Mall for payment of the car you just bought.

It is advisable to pre-start these processes to save time and enable you make payment once you receive the invoice. Also note that offshore fee of $25 will be borne by you. Delays in sourcing dollars and or getting the right account to make payment is one of the delays customers face. But with the above insight, you should be able to prepare ahead and avoid it.

Outstanding Penalty Payments

When buying cars from online auctions, there is a chance of incurring penalty payments. Usually with payment delays or shipping delays (when you chose to handle the shipping yourself). With every auction company, your car purchase only has a grace period of 5 days to be taken out of the lot or incur demurrage penalty fees.

Knowing about the penalty payments before purchase would give you a clear view of how to avoid it. So you don’t delay your purchase and its shipment when disputing the laid out penalty fees.  For assistance with penalty fees, please feel free to call Auto Aution Mall Nigeria on 08025307997.

Car Title Not Fully Processed

Depending on the Auction house involved and the condition of the car, there sometimes are delays in processing a used car title without which the car cannot be shipped. For a title to be awarded, there are regulatory bodies that would inspect the car to be able to determine if the title being applied for is the appropriate one.

On Auto Auction Mall, the status of the title is usually indicated under title on the information page of the car you are interested in as received from the auction houses we connect you to. Vehicles with pending titles on Auto Auction Mall will usually have the countdown timer to the live auction paused on 64 days. It is resumed only when the auction house selling that particular car has been able to secure it.

You want to be wary of this so you can avoid delays and if you like a particular car whose title is being processed, a wait time frame of 1 – 2 weeks usually less might be worth it for the title processing so you can purchase your dream car.

The long and short of this is that without the proper title, the US customs wont clear your car to ship and this will become another possible point of delay.

Booking and Vessel Not Yet Assigned

Depending on the number of vessels available, the speed of US customs processing and the number of cars awaiting shipping, there might be unforeseen delays in the allocation of a vessel to bring your car purchase to Lagos, Nigeria.

This is very uncommon but sometimes, delays of these nature may last 1 – 2 days depending and is nothing to panic about. The shipping company is just trying to book your car on a vessel to bring it to you. This applies to both RORO and Containerized shipping types. As mentioned, it rarely happens but when it does, you’ll be updated and shipping schedules will be adjused accordingly.

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Longer Port Calls or Offloading Delays

This is one of the possible points of delay that is beyond anyone including the shipping company. If for instance, a vessel bound for Lagos with a scheduled port call in Dakar, is given 5 days or more before it is permitted to berth in the Dakar ports, this automatically adds an extra 5 days to the ETA (Estimated time of arrival) of your vehicle at TIn can. If this happens in 2 or more ports, it is the same ripple effect. Most times it doesnt and the variation in ETA is usually at most 3days to a week. Again, it is nothing to worry about and does not mean that your shipment is in jeopardy.

Generally, 6 – 8 weeks is enough time for your vehicle to get to you. Except in special cases where there are delays due to a variety of factors. The above listed are the most common ones. However, rest assured, your shipment will get to you in one piece.

Please feel free to visit www.autoauctionmall.com to access the largest online inventory of US used cars. You can also speak to Auto Auction Mall Nigeria for one on one assistance with your purchase.