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5 Helpful Sites you Need to Check Before Buying a Used Car Online

By Odet Garcia Updated: 03/15/2021 Posted: 05/06/2020

Buying a used car is not a quick process. Doing an appropriate previous research is key for buyers to be able to make a smart decision and avoid an inconvenience. And now that we’re spending more time at home, well it seems like the perfect moment to start doing some research. We’ve gathered in this article the top five sites that you need to check before buying a used car.

Buying a Used Car

Buyers interested in used cars have many options to purchase online. But before doing so, it is very important you know everything about the type of used vehicle you want and need. Information about market prices, mileage, previous owner, fuel economy, consumer reports, and the vehicle’s history report are crucial for the final decision. 

The vehicle history report is one of the most important tools you can have as a buyer. This report shows you all the information you need to know about the car you wish to buy. If the car was involved in an accident, that will be in this report under the VIN number. You can also find the title status history and each buyer that the car has had.

On the other hand, consumer reports are also very important. These reviews can show you the different experiences that consumers have with this specific type of car. You can also see if the price you’re going to pay is fair, and the car’s fuel economy. This will help you plan your budget correctly and avoid surprises. 

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Sites You Need to Check

The sites we name here are the ones we believe can help you with your research on buying a used car. As we mentioned before, consumer reviews, vehicle’s history report, and car specifications are key when building a research to make a decision.

Being prepared is the first step towards buying a used car. These five sites can help you build a strong research that can make your car-buying experience much easier and smooth.


Edmunds is a site that can provide you with basically all the information you need to know about both new and used vehicles. You can check this site to find out more about pricing, car reviews, tips, financing options, and insurance information.

You can also turn to Edmunds to look at rankings and reviews by car categories. This is specially useful when you are looking for a specific type of car. These reviews can help you decide if the car you want is right for you and if it will be a smart purchase. 

Kelly Blue Book

Kelly Blue Book is the site to go when you need information on the price of the car or cars you’re interested in. This is a very important step in your research because it will help you know how much you will spend on your new car. 

This site is an official guide for car values. This means that it is very trustworthy and you can get a very clear idea of the price you can pay for your car. Also, you can see what is the total value of the car you want to own. 

AutoCheck and Carfax

AutoCheck and Carfax are two sites where you can find vehicle history reports. We’ve mentioned here and in other articles that the vehicle history report is crucial for a buyer to make a smart decision. This report will show you if the car was involved in any accidents, and which title status is assigned to the vehicle. 

Vehicle History Report

Usually, buyers have to pay in order to get reports from these sites. However, there are some online car auction platforms that can give you the option of downloading the vehicle history report of the car you’re interested in. Auto Auction Mall, for example, will give you ten free reports to registered clients. 

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a site where you can find unbiased reviews and ratings for many different products. The automotive industry is no exception. Anyone interested in buying a used car can make a search by year, make, and model. You can find information about safety, reliability, and owner satisfaction for any car you want.

Additional information that can be found here is pricing, maintenance reviews, and rankings for popular makes and models. Overall, this is a very good place to start your research.