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5 Used Cars You Can Buy Online Under $10,000

By Odet Garcia Updated: 06/09/2023 Posted: 05/27/2020

Buying a used car can be somewhat challenging if you have a budget. This is because you have a limit on how much you can spend. At the same time, you want to choose the best used cars that can last for a long time. However, you also want a car that has a low cost of ownership. We’re going to show you here our top 6 budget-friendly cars. We included a variety of vehicles that have features for every taste and style.

Best Used Cars

When choosing a used car to buy you want to look at 3 main things: reliability, safety, and durability. You want to spend your budget on a car that won’t need any repairs beyond the normal ones. Also, a safe car that can be long-lasting without any major mechanical issues. With this in mind, the cars we added to this list have a combination of these features and will cost you no more than $10,000.

You can buy any of the cars on this list in an online car auction. In other articles we’ve mentioned the advantages of buying at these auctions. One of these advantages is finding great cars at wholesale prices. Most likely, this is the place where you can find great deals on any of the cars featured in this article.

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2012 Toyota Corolla

Average Price: $8,311 – $8,674

If you like safety and a comfortable trip, then this is the car for you. The 2012 Toyota Corolla scores high in safety and reliability. Fuel economy is slightly less than other brands, but it’s still good.

2012 Honda Civic

Via: Autoblog

Average Price: $5,359 – $9,552

The 2012 Honda Civic is also a high-ranked compact car when it comes to safety and reliability. It has more of a sporty look to it and also a very comfortable interior.

2013 Mazda 6

Via: Neoauto

Average Price: $8,826 – $9,534

The Mazda 6 offers very dynamic driving, and strong reliability scores. Mazda stands out for being a car that is fun to drive. 

2011 Honda Accord

Average Price: $7,210 – $9,363

Along with some Toyota models featured in this list, the Honda Accord is always at the top of these lists. This car has a gold star in its segment. It is comfortable, easy to drive, reliable, and has low cost of ownership. Any buyer will get value for their money with this car.

2011 Toyota Prius

Average Price: $7,551 – $9,964

The Toyota Prius has undeniable popularity in the list of hybrid cars. This car also has a perfect score on reliability and safety. One of the particularities of the Toyota Prius is that it can get better city than highway mileage. This is because its energy can recharge from breaking in traffic. The Toyota Prius is perfect for anyone looking for a car that can last a long time and won’t cost more than $10,000.