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5 Useful Car Accessories to buy for Your Car

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 05/21/2021

A flat tire or dead battery can be a real bummer – especially on a day when you are running late and absolutely need to get going! Swapping tires or batteries will get you soaked in sweat, stained with grease, and take up even more time. With the right car accessories, you could be on your way in no time.


Car Breakdown


Car accessories are those extra gadgets and gizmos that you may not realize you need or think are important till you mistakenly leave the car stereo on, kill your battery and the only option is to jump-start because no one is ready to swap batteries with you. They can help improve your car’s performance as well as provide long-term DIY support when you really need it and the auto workshop is miles away. Whether for safety or just to give your car a new look and feel; accessories make your car more functional and personalized. 


While some accessories protect your car such as car covers, specialized rims to protect wheels may add to your resale value and the overall aesthetics of your car others enhance your vehicle’s safety and help you better handle emergency situations.


Why Car Accessories?

A lot of car accessories are manufactured with the aim of improving the functionality of your car. Others are simply for entertainment purposes such as sound devices that passengers can listen to during their ride or aesthetic purposes like decals and rims. 

Accessories allow car owners to personalize their cars for functionality and performance. Others use car accessories for beauty and aesthetics giving their car a new look. 

Many car owners buy accessories without knowing their full functionality or taking into consideration, compatibility and as such may end up spending hundreds of dollars on an accessory that is not compatible with their vehicle. It is always good to research accessories, compatibility, and functionality before purchase.  

It is key to note that, buying and using an incompatible accessory may lead to further damage to your vehicle and its electrical and computer components. 

For the beginner, here’s our  top 5 list of  must-have’s when it comes to car accessories 


1. Jump Starter

Imagine getting to your car and realize that you have a dead battery can be frustrating. Sometimes it is easy to find another vehicle around for you and have a jump cable in your car to help you jump-start your vehicle. But what if there is no vehicle around? The solution is jump starters! Jump Starters will start your car without you needing another vehicle. Jump Starters are more convenient than jumper cables because you do not require another vehicle. 

A portable jump starter is a self-powered device that you use to power your car battery with ease. Portable jump starters are small enough to fit into your car’s glove compartment. It is a useful accessory in times of emergency. They also allow you to test your battery and alternator to know where the car’s problem comes from.

A jump start cable is a cheaper alternative and allows you to connect a dead battery to a live one and use it to jump-start your vehicle. Your alternator can then continue recharging your own batteries if your battery is still good. 

Portable jump starters double as portable chargers for your devices – they jump-start both your car and devices. 



2. Bluetooth/OBDII Scan Tool & Code Reader

This car accessory diagnoses your car’s problems in a faster and more efficient way. It breaks down the manufacturer’s code into simple words for you can understand. It suggests the symptoms. Testing, reminders and even costing of the issues found. 

With a Bluetooth/OBDII scan tool & code reader, you can diagnose your car’s problem and make an easy fix depending on the extent of the fault. This saves you time and money when you get to the workshop or without having to get to the auto shop. With this accessory, you have access to the manufacturer’s specific and enhanced trouble codes which enhance diagnostics. 

While this will help you understand your vehicle’s behaviors and faults, it is still advisable to seek the opinion or expertise of a professional auto mechanic to interpret or solve stubborn error codes. 


3. Tire Pressure Monitor

Many car owners may experience unexpected flat tires while driving. This can cause costly delays or even damage your tires leading to costly replacements. Tire Pressure Monitor ensures your tire’s pressure is always the right amount. 

Many modern vehicles come with Tire Pressure Monitoring sensors and Ride height sensors inbuilt. For older models, this accessory can be your saving grace from a bumpy ride, worn-out tires in the short term, bad suspension, and shocks in the long term.

TPM will let you know which tire is losing pressure and at what speed. It also indicates the level of pressure in each tire. If there is any reduction in your tire’s pressure, TPM will alert you and you can drive to the nearest mechanic to rectify this.   




4. Digital Tire Inflator

What happens when you are stuck with a flat tire on a deserted road with no gas station or workshop in sight? Maybe you don’t have service or power to call a friend or a tow truck. With a tire inflator in the trunk of your car, you do not need to trek miles to find a workshop or gas station. 

A digital or portable tire inflator comes in handy when you have a flat tire and nowhere near a mechanic workshop. It makes inflating your tire simple and fast.  It helps you inflate your tire in minutes and you can continue your journey or at least get to the closest auto shop for a professional fix.

If you enjoy traveling a long-distance route where mechanic shops or gas stations are hard to find, this accessory is a useful addition to your car. 


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5. Safety Car Accessories

Car accessories such as seat belt cutter, window breaker, escape hammer are accessories that can enhance your safety. If there is an emergency these accessories can help you escape. If your car is submerged in water or overturned the door will be jammed or you may be tangled with the seatbelt. 

With your seat belt cutter, you can cut the seat belt and escape. With the window breaker or hammer escape tool, you can break the windows and make your escape.  


More people rely on their car as a major mode of transportation. Using car accessories has become essential and for a comfortable and safe trip. Whichever reason you choose to upgrade your vehicle, car accessories can increase your car’s value and performance. 


With a simple google search, you can discover auto stores and online stores where you can purchase these accessories.