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6 Efficient, Reliable and Suitable Cars for Ghana

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 10/13/2018

There are plenty of variables to take into account when buying a car in Ghana. However, there is a couple of factors that stand out. Reliability, efficiency, and suitability for Ghanaian roads are probably the three most important things you should consider when choosing between different car options. We have picked in this article 6 efficient, reliable and suitable cars for Ghana.

Although some Ghanaians have the chance to buy a new car, most working class citizens don’t. This is because their budget for buying a car, and also for later maintenance, is limited. So, making a good choice on a used car could be the difference between having a working car for the next couple of years or ending up with a broken car you can’t afford to fix.

Nowadays there are plenty of options of where and how to buy used cars. These include online dealers and car lots as well as family or friends selling their cars. Whichever of this options you choose, there are a set of things to know, and some particular car models to look for specifically.

First, you need to make sure the repair history of the car is as clean as possible, and that the vehicle hasn’t had any major engine issues since first bought. And then you have to start thinking about the specifications of the car and whether it suits your budget and the kind of use you intend to give it.

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We will now provide you with a list of models you should be on the lookout for. These are not only efficient and reliable, which makes running costs lower and the maintenance cheaper, but they are also suitable, due to their versatility, for Ghanaian roads.

Don’t be surprised to discover that all the cars in this short list are Asian production cars. They usually have smaller engines that are reliable and sturdy. Moreover, they also have the lowest cost on spare parts and mechanical costs. So their running budget is lower, therefore making them more affordable in every single aspect.

Top 6 Cars to Buy in Ghana

  1. Toyota Corolla. With an average size engine, the Corolla has always been reliable, for its sturdy construction and its fine-tuned Spare parts are not expensive, and mechanical repairing costs are not high. Also, it is a versatile and comfortable car.
  2. Toyota Camry. Another well-known Toyota vehicle, also sturdy and well built, reliable, durable and with low maintenance costs. Running costs aren’t’ high either.
  3. Hyundai i10. Smaller engines mean lower not only petrol consumption and cheaper running costs, but also lower maintenance fees and mechanic bills. As a plus, this is a versatile vehicle that can drive up to four people comfortably.
  4. Hyundai Accent. With an average-size engine, it is a bit less efficient than the i10, for example. But it is still cheap to run. It can be bought in fairly good condition at an affordable price. Also, it is reliable, and the cost of repairs and spare parts is usually low.
  5. Nissan Sentra. Probably one of the most expensive in this list together with the Corolla, it is still affordable when used. This is a sturdy and comfortable sedan with a great engine that doesn’t burn much petrol and can take you on long trips seamlessly.
  6. Kia Rio. Small, fast and efficient, this car is as reliable as it is cheap to get in used condition. Its spare parts are probably cheaper than any other brand in the Ghanaian market. Running costs are low compared to bigger cars, even compared to some on the top of this list.

New or Used?

Remember that choosing newer models of these cars will have two different effects on the purchase, positive and negative. The positive is that newer cars have been used less, have been to the mechanic fewer times and are less prone to damage in the near future. The negative aspect is that the newer the car, the higher the prices. So, try to get a model as new as you can afford to avoid having to make repairs or have it checked too soon.

As we already mentioned, there are many different places where you can buy your next used car. Wherever it is that you choose to buy, take a good look around, and make the car-buying journey as long and well-informed as possible. Remember the used car sales market in Ghana is huge. Therefore settling for the first decent-looking car you lay your eyes on is not the best choice. I repeat, take your time and tour around dealerships, car lots, online sales websites, auctions, private sellers, etc. Keep doing this until you find the car you are looking for, in the condition you want it to be and for a price you would be able to afford with your designated budget.

Following this list and its guidelines will hopefully give you the chance to find a car that is everything you need.