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A Guide to Finding Used Cars for Sale On Carvana

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/09/2022 Posted: 06/28/2019

Carvana is an e-commerce platform in the United States that deals with the sale of used cars at better prices and lesser stress. It was founded in 2012 by Ernest Gracia III, Ryan Keeton and Ben Huston with its headquarters located at Tempe, Arizona. It was founded as a subsidiary of used car retailer and finance company DriveTime. This online car retailer has revolutionized the auto industry with its innovative technology and its unrelenting dedication to bringing new and better ways to buy and sell cars. So, How do you find and buy used cars for sale on Carvana?

Carvana is one of the fastest growing automotive retailer in the world with annual revenues of about $3bilion as at the end of 2018 business year. Carvana hit a selling record of 94,108 used vehicles in 2018, this earned it the title ”Amazon of Auto” by customers in the United States. The company was featured in the 2018 Disney movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet and it is also a sponsor of the Phoenix Rising Football Club.

Carvana’s dedication to high-tech sets it apart from other automotive retailers out there. Carvana’s first car vending machine opened in 2013 and a fully automated version of the signature car vending machine opened in Nashville in 2015. In 2017, Carvana acquired the automotive start-up Carlypso to enhance vehicle data and analytic tools. It also acquired Mark Cuban backed Car360 for its 3D computer vision, machine learning, and AR tech to improve images taken of vehicles through a smartphone.

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How it Works

Carvana operates basically as an online-only used car dealer. Customers are provided with an official website to shop on, finance, and sell used cars. Using the website allows potential customers to escape the hassle of negotiating with local dealers. Another advantage is that they will get their vehicle delivered to them at their home or other convenient places within a very short time frame.

The overall condition of the carvana sell cars sold by Carvana is very good. Carvana is known for selling cars that are in good condition and have no accidents reported on their CarFax report. The company provides flexible financing to its customers with various loan options to finance their purchases. It extends credit to customers with at least $10,000 annual income and with no current bankruptcies.

Ordering at Carvana is very much like purchasing anything else online. All cars at Carvana have fixed prices and you can easily reserve your desired carvana sell cars on the site through a simple checkout process. The search features on the Carvana website are very user-friendly. Customers are provided with dozens of features to search for and get linked up with the cars that fit exactly with their specifications.

The whole process of ordering the car will take a maximum of fifteen minutes. You spend about seven minutes online to select your desired car and about ten minutes on the phone with Carvana to complete the transaction process. Carvana will do a simple phone verification and will notify your bank to confirm you have the funds available for your purchase.

How The Car gets Delivered

The delivery process really sets Carvana apart from other online car retailers. You get two options. The first option is to have the car delivered to you, either to your address or to another convenient location. On delivery, you will receive a call from your delivery person an hour before the scheduled time for delivery to confirm if you are available. In this, Carvana works like other online car retailers.

The second option, however, is a testament to Carvana’s commitment to innovation: the famous car vending machine. These are located throughout several cities in the United States. Carvana gives you a token (which you can keep afterward) that you use on the giant vending machine. Then the car is delivered by the vending machine. You are allowed to have a quick drive with the car to ensure there is nothing wrong with the car. Immediately after the quick drive, you are provided with the papers and documents of the car to sign.

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Pros of Buying Used Cars for Sale On Carvana

  • Car selection is very wide with car brands ranging from SUV to Honda to Wagons. A look at Carvana’s website shows about 15,000 cars for sale. Most car model years on Carvana ranges from 2008 to 2018 and majority of the inventory being 2015 model years.
  • Car quality on Carvana is second to none. This is assured by its use of CarFax, which supplies history reports on used cars and other vehicles through the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Carvana sells cars that have never suffered accidents. As a result, you enjoy a 100-day guarantee on your vehicle.
  • The return policy is great. Each car purchased from Carvana comes with a 7-Day ”Test Own” return policy, which allows customers to return their vehicles for any reason whatsoever, if it just doesn’t meet their expectations.
  • Another advantage is that customers get to see a 360 degree photograph of the actual car on the website, so checking out the car in person becomes unnecessary. You get detailed photos of the interior of the car as well.

Furthermore, Carvana accepts trade-ins. It will give you a price estimate for your car if you provide a brief description and the vehicle identification number.

Another advantage is that Carvana provides direct financing and loan options for the cars it sells. It gives multiple loan options to its customers.

Cons of Buying Used Cars for Sale On Carvana

  • Car delivery is only free if you live within 75 miles of a Carvana physical location. Delivery at longer distances incurs a fee of about $250 for up to 200 miles. Coast to Coast delivery is more expensive, incurring a fee of about $1000.
  • Although Carvana does its own car inspections and assessments, car damage information may not be complete. It is possible that some details slip through the cracks, which sometimes leads to the hassle of returning the vehicle.
  • Another inconvenience is that Carvana requires that you get insurance coverage for the vehicle before you receive it. Buying a car at Carvana essentially requires you to pay for an extra month of car insurance, since most insurance companies cover new Carvana cars for 30 days without adding them to plan.

A Great Alternative to Carvana

There are, however, alternatives to Carvana out there, which will allow you to save quite a lot of money on your used vehicle purchase. One of these alternatives is This is a car auction website where you will find hundreds of thousands of vehicles in a variety of conditions, many at very low prices. At Auto Auction Mall, you will also get top quality service from a dedicated team of customer support and auction specialists.

One of the great advantages of Auto Auction Mall is that it gives you access to online dealer auctions. These auctions are where dealers source their vehicles, which they then sell to the ordinary buyers for a profit. By skipping the middleman, you will be able to save up to 70% of the vehicles market value. So, to save a lot of money on your car purchase, the best decision you can make is to check out an online auction site today!

Why Choose Auto Auction Mall?

One of the reasons why we can sell vehicles at such low prices is that many of them have salvage titles. This means that they are being sold by insurance companies for a fraction of their original value. Insurers do this to recover some value after having made a payout to the vehicle’s previous owner.

But don’t let that scare you away. Salvage Carvana cars come in a variety of conditions, and most of them can be repaired and put back into roadworthy condition. Many of these vehicles have had little damage, while others were recovered stolen vehicles, and others still were just deemed too expensive to repair with original parts. But this means that you can repair them with cheaper parts at a fraction of the cost.

At Auto Auction Mall you get the chance to bid on these vehicles. You will save a lot of money, even after factoring in costs with repairs and parts and the process of getting the vehicle retitled. And you will certainly save a lot of money compared to what you’d pay by using Carvana.

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Of course, you shouldn’t just jump in. There are also sorts of precautions you need to take before you make any large purchase. But like Carvana, Auto Auction Mall makes it easy for you to check the vehicle’s history. You will be able to find out how many owners the car had, and it there is a record of accidents and structural damage by using the car’s VIN.

One difficulty you may face, however, is getting insurance. You will find that some insurers are reluctant to cover rebuilt and repaired salvage cars. But don’t let that discourage you. There are insurance companies willing to do so, but that may mean the car will have to undergo an inspection. But this will make sure that any future problems with the car are not traced back to past damage.

As in with Carvana, you should carefully set out your budget. As you will be repairing the car, you need to factor in repair costs, the price of parts as well as any fees and administrative costs related to having the car registered again. Insurance premiums may also be higher.

How Auto Auction Mall Can Help

Auto Auction Mall makes it easier for you to buy. Not only, as we have seen, will it give you access to auctions that are otherwise inaccessible to the general public, but it will comes with a powerful search function to help you find the cars that best fit your needs and your budget. Auto Auction Mall will act as a proxy bidder for you. This means that Auto Auction Mall will use its dealer’s license to bid on your behalf at the auctions. You will set the budget and, with our advice, you will have a much better chance to get the car you want.

If you are interested in our help in finding repairable or salvage vehicles, you only need to contact us for more information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.