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Advantages of Online Auto Auctions Every Nigerian Should Know Of

By Femi Amisu Updated: 05/08/2022 Posted: 01/29/2019

There are different kinds of people who prefer buying cars at online auto auctions; some of which include individuals with a tight budget, car dealers for business, hobbyists and spare part dealers for specific needs. Individuals in the aforementioned categories already understand the benefit of buying from online auto auction malls. This article will explain why it’s the best option for them and show you what you’re missing out on if you’re not buying from online auto auctions.

Benefits of Online Auto Auctions

Remote Participation

This is by far the best of many advantages of car shopping with online auto auctions. The ability to bid from wherever you are in the world, depending on the site.  At, distance doesn’t matter. Be it in Nigeria, Ghana or the United States, as long as you have a computer and internet access, you can register and bid for your desired vehicle. Our one-on-one telephone assistance and local support offices exist to guide you through the process and save you a significant amount of money.

Avoid Obnoxious Bidders

At live auctions, you’ll encounter rude, noisy and probably aggressive bidders. That experience is not very exciting and results in a lot of discomforts. Thankfully, with online auto auctions, it can be avoided, and it doesn’t end there. Auto Auction Mall also provides you with auction specialists with over 30 years of experience to guide and walk you through the auctions via skype conversations from wherever is most convenient for you. Bid without stress!

Flexible Bidding Schedule

Part of attending a live auction includes; attending on the specific date and time set for the auction. This means that you’d have to clear your schedule for that day to attend the auction. At online auto auctions, you can join the auctions while you make pancakes, or join while you’re at the office. All you’ll need is your computer or a mobile phone and you’re in.

Vehicle Comparison is Easy

Before you purchase a car from a local dealer, you might have been searching for a week and visited up to 10 or 20 dealers looking for the right deal. buying from car yards in Cotonou also involves moving from one vehicle to another causing your feet to ache. Online auto auctions like Auto Auction Mall provide you with hundreds of vehicles and their details from hundreds of lots across the US in one place to help in your selection. Hobbyists are usually very particular vehicles they need. So this really helps as all you need to do is type your vehicle choice into the search bar or if you are very specific, provide specific details and get several results. You can also compare till you find the perfect one.

The extra topping with online auctions like Auto Auction Mall is that you can set alerts for your car of choice if it’s not immediately available and rest assured you will be notified once your car is updated in the inventory.

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Affordable Prices

Where else will you be allowed to almost set the price on the vehicle you want to purchase? Only at an online auto auction. Plus if you’re registered with Auto Auction Mall, you get to attend dealer only auctions where your local dealers get their stock from. Whether you’re bidding or using the “buy now” option, you won’t have to haggle prices with any dealer. You’ll have much more control over how much you’re willing to pay or bid without any undue influence or pressure.

Find Rare Vehicles

This is especially for people with specific vehicles in mind. There certain vehicles that were manufactured in limited quantities and have become treasures to collectors. These are not everyday cars, some could be really expensive in the market, could be vintage or could be out of stock. If you’re a hobbyist or you’re just looking to buy something exceptional, then online auto auctions are your best options.

With Auto Auction Mall, you stand a better chance of getting all these benefits. Not all online auto auctions give free access to their dealer only auctions. At we make sure that our clients get the best deals. Visit now for more.