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How to Affordably Buy Salvage Car Parts

By Mike Richards Updated: 01/31/2023 Posted: 06/26/2017

Have you ever spent even a short time in your average junk yard or salvage yard? If so, you know it can seem like a good idea to scout out parts, panels, seats and other items for low prices. However, that is only until you are struggling to get that part or item you need, hauling your tools around, or simply being disappointed to see that the parts promised were nothing like indicated. Phoning around from location to location can be annoying and a waste of time, too, and you may find it far easier to buy a salvage car for parts from a dealer auction.

Dealer Auctions are Rare Opportunities

While many people are eager to get into a dealer auction to find the best cars at the lowest prices, a lot of those sales also include salvaged vehicles. Whether they are vehicles that were damaged by extremes of weather or serious accidents, they can be a wonderful resource for those who do a lot of DIY car repair or auto restoration. In fact,  you can buy a salvage car strictly for parts through an auction, get it shipped to you at a reasonable rate, and pay exactly what those junk yard owners would have. Even better, you can strip the car for the items you need and then sell the scrap to the nearest salvage yard to offset the purchase price.

The Smart Way to Buy a Salvage Car

You cannot, however, just attend any dealer auction or salvage auction. It is only properly licensed dealers who can participate. Fortunately, if you know exactly what you are looking for, what you are willing to pay and want the best price, you can use an online dealer auction as your way to buy a salvage car for parts, and save an amazing amount of money.

There are now sites that operate as licensed dealers. They put up hundreds of thousands of autos and vehicles that range from new and flawless to salvage only. You can use their simple search engine to look for the make, model and year you need. Sort the results by the status of the title or the vehicle itself, and then determine if you should buy the salvage car in the auction.

Keep in mind that you do need to know if the vehicle is going to offer you the parts you need, at a price that is reasonable. As an example, you might be looking to complete a restoration on a Mustang of a recent model year. You might easily find an abundance of salvage vehicles that can give you everything from body panels to major system parts. The key is to work with a website that lets you figure out if these parts are available. Photo galleries, VIN numbers and a clear description of any damage are incredibly useful as you plan on making a bid.

Don’t avoid a restoration or pay over the top prices at junk yards or auto parts stores when you can invest in reasonably priced salvage vehicles for difficult to find or costly parts.