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Hyundai Car Auctions Near Me – Are Hyundai a Reliable Car?

By Auto Auction Mall Team Updated: 01/31/2023 Posted: 11/27/2018

Are you considering buying a Hyundai vehicle?


Hyundai Motor Company, a South Korean car manufacturer founded in 1967, is now the third-largest vehicle manufacturer in the world.

In its early day, especially in its attempts to capture the North American market, cost-cutting left Hyundai cars with a reputation for unreliability. However, the company focused on improving the quality of its cars as well as investing in research. Nowadays it has a completely different reputation.

According to the latest J.D. Power Survey, the Hyundai was the most reliable brand. It also o has the least faults per 100 vehicles tested, coming in front of Suzuki, and its part-owned unit Kia Motors.

So, in the shortest possible terms: Hyundai cars, especially the modern ones are very reliable. According to various reports and surveys over the last couple of years, Hyundai, in terms of frequency of repairs and overall repair costs, comes in first and second place respectively among a plethora of vehicles covered by the surveys.


hyundai auctions

Image via: Hyundai USA

And this is not only the case in the United States. Hyundai has been the most frequently recommended by the UK’s Telegraph, and has ranked the highest in its reliability rating.


What Makes Hyundai Reliable?

Hyundai is reliable thanks to the money and research that has gone into the development and manufacturing of this automobile. If you want to enjoy longevity and reliability, you have to take care of your vehicle. Stick to the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturers.

You can find this in the manufacturer’s manual. You also have to refine your driving habits as this affects your vehicle’s performance. Some of the most reliable Hyundai cars are the Sonata, Elantra, and Santa Fe. these models are also popular with consumers.


Hyundai Car Auctions Near Me

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