Are Auction Cars for Sale Worth It?

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/23/2017 Posted: 05/04/2017

As you’ve probably heard before, auction cars for sale can save you a lot of money on buying a vehicle.

That being said, it’s understandable if you’re a bit skeptical. Buying a car – at any price – is a big decision. Many people also get uneasy thinking about purchasing a vehicle from anyone other than a traditional dealer.

Why, then, do so many people continue buying auction cars for sale? Let’s look at some of the reasons.

Some Are Definitely Lemons

First of all, you’re not completely wrong for being a bit skeptical about auction cars for sale. You’re 100% right that some of them turn out to be complete duds. There are a few ways that scam artists can trick people into missing major problems and make them think that a lemon is really a diamond in the rough.

This Is the Exception

That being said, this is the exception. The Internet has made it much easier for shoppers to discover all about the past of a vehicle they’re thinking about buying. Carfax is a great site for this, but there are plenty of others, too.

Just make sure you check the VIN number on the vehicle in two different places to confirm it’s legitimate. If you find the numbers don’t match, don’t bother with the vehicle. Sure, there could be a valid reason, but it’s not worth taking the risk.

Winners Stick to Their Maximum Bid Amount

Assuming you’re looking at a quality vehicle, your purchase will almost certainly be worth it so long as you don’t go over the amount that you set as your maximum bid.

When people don’t do this, they may win the auction cars that they wanted, but they’re usually not very happy in the end. Auctions make it all too easy to breeze right past an upper limit you swore you’d stick to. It might help to bring an accountability partner with you to help ensure you don’t make the same mistake.

Understand Extra Costs Involved

Another reason auction cars may get a bad reputation is because you have to spend more than just the sticker price to secure the vehicle. A lot of people don’t realize this until it’s too late and end up spending a lot more than they had hoped or could even afford.

For one thing, you have to pay for any repairs your vehicle needs. You literally can’t legally drive your vehicle until this happens. It will have to be delivered to your property or an auto body shop for these required repairs.

Then, of course, there are the repairs themselves.

This shouldn’t scare you away, though. It’s this need for repairs that has brought the vehicle to auction at such a low price in the first place. Just take your time so you can do the math and make sure the total cost is going to be worth it.

There’s a reason so many people swear by getting their vehicles from auctions: they score amazing deals. So, yes, these cars are worth it, as long as you understand the above.