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7 Benefits of Buying a Used Car Through Auto Auction Mall

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 09/11/2022

Buying from wholesale Car auctions often is a lot to handle for many first-time buyers. Even repeat buyers may find it confusing and too fast-paced to handle. It’s often times a mix between the fastest fingers and the most budget. With bids and counter-bids being made in seconds, You snooze – you lose!


There is also the issue of owning a dealer’s license, per state, to have access to dealer-only auctions. This might be difficult for international buyers to obtain considering its requirements.  Obtaining a dealer’s license that gives you full access to the entire wholesale auction inventory across all will definitely take a chunk of your bank balance if you go this route – that is where we come in!


Auto Auction Mall is a car wholesale marketplace that gives you access to dealer-only auctions in all 50 states, allowing you to save on the dealer’s profit. 


We are Copart authorized partners and representatives giving you FULL access to the entire inventory of over 250,000 vehicles without requiring a membership fee or a dealer’s license. 


Simply put, you can sit in the comforts of your home and bid on the car of your choice and have it delivered to you.  


So what exactly does Auto Auction Mall bring to the table and How do we assist?


Benefits of Buying Through Auto Auction Mall 

1. Skilled Assistance with Purchase 

After signing up on our website, an auction specialist will be assigned to you. He/She will assist you in searching for great deals that will save you money. Our goal is to give you access to dealers-only auctions and help you save money. We do this by giving you full assistance from the beginning of your buyer’s journey till you receive your vehicle. We are available to answer your questions and concerns about your purchase. 


 2. Full Access to the Auction Inventory

Buying through us gives you access to the entire auction inventory including Dealer, Dismantler, and Export-only inventory. This inventory is only available to buyers with a dealer’s license and is not open to public buyers. Getting a license costs a lot of money and you will need to have permission from all 50 U.S. states to access the auctions in different states.  


3. Payment Assistance for West African Buyers

Due to the stringent policies in many West African countries especially Nigeria, payment for international goods and services has been a challenge for many buyers. This has made it difficult for many intended buyers to make their purchases and those who have won bids cannot wire the full payment for their vehicles. Leading to huge penalty fees, storage charges, and worse still, loss of vehicle and deposit as a result of a relist for non-payment. 

Auto Auction Mall works with forex partners to assist clients with payment assistance for their vehicles. Terms and conditions apply if you require our assistance. 


4. Shipping Assistance to Over 50 countries (RORO and Container)

Shipping is another area that many used-car buyers find challenging to handle. 

The good news is that we can take the stress off of you and handle your trucking to the port and shipping to your desired country. We work with shipping partners who handle the shipping to over 50 countries. Remember this service is an optional service we offer. 

You are, however, welcome to make your own shipping arrangements as you desire.  Check out this article on All You Need to Know About Shipping a Vehicle From the U.S in 2022 for more on shipping assistance.


5. Local Clearing Assistance (Lagos, Nigeria only)

If you are interested in clearing assistance when your car arrives in Lagos, Nigeria, we work with clearing partners to offer this service. Please note that we are not a clearing agency but only work with creating partners to assist our clients. 


6. Vehicle History Reports and Physical Inspections

We recommend requesting a vehicle history report or a physical inspection done before settling on a vehicle since the condition of the vehicle cannot be guaranteed. That being said, Auto Auction Mall assists with the purchase of a vehicle history report and physical inspection when required. 

Please do note that we still do not guarantee the vehicle’s condition after this is done. The reports help you as the client understand the vehicle you will be purchasing. 


7. Advisory on Purchase 

Before making your purchase we will advise you on the best locations to buy from as well as make sure the vehicle you go for has an exportable title. We will also assess the vehicle to make sure it is not rejected at the port due to damage or titling.  

Auto Auction Mall Buying Process

To get started sign up on the Auto Auction Mall website and make a fully refundable security deposit. This gives you the buying power to bid on any vehicle of your choice. This deposit is $600 for cars less than $6000 or 10% of the purchase price for cars more than $6000. 

Once you make your deposit, go through our inventory to pick the car(s) of your choice and share it with our team. You will receive estimates for the purchase of the vehicle and you can go ahead and bid for the vehicle.  Before getting to the auctions, you will share your max bid with our team, and authorize us to bid or execute a buy now. 

We will send an invoice to you if you win the auction with the amount you need to pay for the vehicle. Once we receive and confirm full payment, you can make arrangements to ship your vehicle to your location. 

Sign up here to get started!