What is Salvage title?

Buy a Salvage Car and Reap These Benefits

By Mike Richards Updated: 04/07/2020 Posted: 04/24/2017

If you need to have a vehicle, but you do not like the thought of going to a dealership, new or used, there are other ways to get cars and trucks. You can go through auctions, and you can buy a salvage car, for example. Of course, many people have negative images in their head when it comes to salvage vehicles, but salvage does not necessarily mean bad. You simply need to know how you want to use a vehicle, and what you should be buying.

Finding a Drivable Vehicle

One of things to understand about salvage vehicles is that many of them still have quite a bit of life left in them. Some of them have only cosmetic damage and may have already gone through other repairs. Others might need some work, but they will still be repairable and drivable. The reason it has a salvage designation is because once an insurance company declares a vehicle totaled, even if it is repairable, it will always bear that mark on the title. It does not mean it is a bad buy.

When you buy a salvage car, you can often do so at great prices, which is one of the primary reasons that people love this method of buying. Even when you are saving money, it is possible to get a car or truck that can be given a salvage or rebuilt title. This does mean you will have some limits to the insurance you can get, but you can still get liability coverage through many of the different insurance companies today.

Salvage for Parts

Of course, you might not need to have a vehicle that you can drive. You might be repairing or restoring a vehicle you already own, and you need some specific parts. One of the best ways to get those parts is with salvage vehicles. This way, even if the vehicle is not repairable, you can harvest the parts and use them on your current vehicle. This can work well for all types of vehicles, including classic cars.

If you want to use salvage vehicles for parts, you might find that it makes more sense to buy a salvage car than to go to a salvage yard. This is because the salvage yards in your area will likely have a limited selection of items. This means you might not be able to find the items you need to repair your vehicle. However, when you buy a salvage car that is the make and model that you need, you know you are getting the right parts. In addition, you will have all those extra parts that you can keep, or that you can decide to scrap and sell it to help offset the cost.

As you can see, you can buy a salvage car and get the vehicle that you want at a price you can afford. Of course, make sure that the cost of repairs and getting the car running is still affordable enough for you.