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Auto Auction: How to Buy and Ship a Truck From a Truck Auction

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 06/03/2022

Are you in the market shopping for a truck for export? There is a way to buy one and have it exported to the location of your choice. Trucks offer a whole lot of advantages for your business or even if it’s for personal use. 


You can purchase a truck from a private party or dealership – they both have their perks. Getting one from an auto auction will have you saving on your purchase. 


Did someone say save?


Of course! Not only do you save on your purchase but you have a wide range of trucks to choose from. The inventory is unlimited. You can either walk into a truck auction near you or take advantage of online auctions. 

 Truck Auction


Buying from a dealership or private party comes with a fixed price attached. But auto auctions have no fixed price because you will be placing bids and the highest bidder owns the vehicle. 


Trucks Sold in an Auto Auction

Before jumping into the auctions to get your truck, you want to know the different trucks available in a truck auction. The majority of a truck auction inventory is made up of used trucks. These are trucks that have had a previous owner. 


The inventory is also made up of salvage trucks, wrecked trucks, insurance trucks, somewhat new trucks, etc. They also make up the inventory of a truck auction. Salvage or wrecked trucks will definitely need some repairs before driving. Some salvage title may have a fire, flood, or hail damage or was slammed salvage title because of theft.  


used heavy duty truck

You can also find somewhat new trucks in the inventory. These are trucks dealerships want to sell off. They have low mileage, and warranty and are almost new. These kinds of trucks will have the eyes of everyone on them raising the purchase price of the truck. 


Auto Auction Buying Tips for Trucks

1. Searching for the Truck

This is the first step in getting your truck. You need to identify a truck in the auction either in your area or online. You have to be certain that the auctions are open to the public as you cannot do a dealer’s auction without a license. 


For online auctions, you will be required to sign up and make a deposit. Browse the auction online inventory and choose a truck of your choice. Once you’ve settled on what you want, you can move to the next step.  


Before settling on a truck, you need to know which platforms you can browse to land the truck of your choice. Now there are many platforms that offer truck auctions and you won’t go wrong choosing any of them. But before settling, make sure you do your due diligence, and understand their policies, payment method, fees, and penalties. 


Some companies that offer a wide inventory of truck auctions are Auto Auction Mall, Copart, IAAI, etc. YOu can also try government and dealer auctions but these may have different policies and may not be open to the public. 


2. Planning and Budgeting

Once your eyes are set on the truck of your choice, it’s time to set your budget and bid cap. Your bid cap is how much you are willing to bid on the truck. Before setting your budget, you need to know what the truck is worth – you don’t want to overspend on a truck not worth it. Knowing your truck’s worth will also be a guide to help you create your budget and bid cap.


Include the cost of moving your truck from the auction house to the port and shipping to your location. It is also important to fix in cost of repairs for the truck when it lands at our destination. Repairs are advised to replace old parts and carry out servicing to avoid major damages. 


3. Vehicle History Report

Always check the VIN of the truck you want to purchase a request a vehicle history report. You can get a lot of information about the truck from a VIN check. You can have access to damage records, maintenance, odometer reading, etc. This is an important step to avoid landing a lemon. 


4. Bidding and Making Payment

You are finally ready to bid on your preferred truck. Just like car auctions and motorcycle auctions, there are certain steps you must follow before you can bid. You have to complete your registration process and make a deposit that gives you bidding power. 


Once you’ve settled all payments and done your due diligence you are ready to start bidding. While bidding, avoid bidding wars and stick to your budget. 


Once you’ve one the car, you have a stipulated timeframe to make full payment to avoid penalties. Also, note that all sales are final and binding. 


5. Shipping/Exporting 

You have finally won your used truck, and have made full payment for the truck and auction fees. Now it’s time to get it home. You will have to make arrangements with a shipping company to have your truck moved to the port where it will be shipped to your country. Many times clients have this the hardest as they don’t know how to go about this process.


Shipping a truck is quite different from shipping a car or a motorcycle. It largely depends on weight and size, age, and a bunch of other factors. This could be a hassle and a pain in the neck for you to handle. 


Fortunately, Auto Auction Mall can help you arrange the shipment of your truck to your home country. You have limited time to have the truck removed from the lot to avoid storage fees. Once your truck arrives you can make the necessary fixes and repairs that are needed. 


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