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Buy Your New Car from an Online Dealer Auction

By Mike Richards Updated: 01/26/2018 Posted: 10/23/2015

In many ways, there’s nothing better than a brand new car. If you’re the kind of person that has only owned used cars, you know how difficult it can be to handle the problems used vehicles can have. From cosmetic issues like ripped seats and scratched paint to more substantive ones like windows that don’t work or a tendency to stall out at lights, used cars can be a constant source of worry, not to mention a constant drain on your income with maintenance and upkeep.

New cars have none of those issues. A vehicle that just rolled off the production line is in top condition: its bodywork is flawless, its interior has that “new car” smell, and it’s as mechanically sound as it can possibly be. Plus, you’ve got a full warranty for at least the next few years, so if anything goes wrong, you know it’s not going to cost you a prohibitive to get it repaired. In fact, the only bad thing about a new car is how expensive it can be to buy one.

But what if there was a way to make the price of a brand new car much more affordable? Thankfully, there is a way to easily cut the price of a new vehicle by nearly half in some situations. Millions of new car buyers have relied on purchasing their vehicle from an online dealer auction to save loads of cash.

The Online Dealer Auction

Car dealers buy their vehicles at wholesale prices so they can turn a profit when they sell them later on. For many dealers, this means regular trips to an auction venue where they can gain access to vehicles up on the auction block that start at wholesale prices – usually between 40 percent and 60 percent off retail. These auctions are private and reserved for the automotive sales community exclusively. You need to present your dealer license to gain entry. This has kept the average car buyer away, except in instances when they have a connection to the industry through a friend or family member that can get them into one of these auctions.

Online dealer auctions function much in the same way, with the only major difference being that there’s no requirement to be physically present during the auction process. This also means that normal consumers aren’t allowed access. However, it’s much easier to get around this in an online environment by employing proxy bidding companies. These are companies that provide non-dealers with access to some of these online auctions. These third-party companies maintain their own dealer license and charge consumers a modest fee to view vehicles, place bids on them, or even buy them outright from an online dealer auction, often at prices that represent significant savings for the average consumer.

The Best of Both Worlds

Online dealer auctions are the best of both worlds when it comes to car buying. Not only are you getting a brand new car fresh from the manufacturer, but you’re getting it at the kind of price you would expect to pay for a used one. Additionally, you don’t have to go through the hassle of haggling with a car salesman; neither do you need to attend an auction in person, which is can be very confusing for the inexperienced buyer. In fact, the only downside about buying from an online dealer auction is that your newly-purchased vehicle might be somewhere across the country – or across the world – from you, making it a challenge to bring it to where you live.

Thankfully, third-party bidding companies can help you with this as well. Shipping and transportation costs are often built into the fee you pay the company to use its dealer license; if not, these additional costs are low enough to not be prohibitive, especially in light of how you likely just purchased a brand new car at a deep discount. In many cases, you can even get your brand new vehicle shipped to a foreign country if you’re an expatriate. While overseas shipping is significantly more expensive than simply having your car driven across country on a flatbed trailer, you’re still saving lots of money on the original purchase price of the car. Plus, third party proxy bidding companies can handle all the necessary customs and importation paperwork, leaving you to just pay the relevant taxes at your port of call.

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