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Auto Auction: How to Buy and Ship a Truck From a Truck Auction

Are you in the market shopping for a truck for export? There is a way to buy one and have it exported to the location of your choice. Trucks offer …

4 weeks ago
Buyer Tips: Top 5 Most Reliable Used Cars Under 3000

If you’re on a tight budget, buying a brand new car might not be an option…and this is where used car auctions sometimes are lifesavers!
Yes, they are used…but being able …

4 weeks ago
Motorcycle Auctions: 10 Things to Note When Buying a Motorcycle For Export

Asides from the feeling of the wind in your ears and the raw engine vibrations under your seat, owning a motorcycle is also an inexpensive way to commute, beat down …

1 month ago
How Can I Get Good Deals From An Abandoned Car Market?

We know what the word abandoned means – when it comes to cars it could mean a bunch of different things.
Vehicles are termed abandoned for different reasons – some are …

1 month ago
Top 5 Ways to Save Money At Car Auctions 

Car auctions can be overwhelming and a money-eating experience if you don’t know the ropes; especially for newbies and sometimes, even experts who miss a step and can end up …

1 month ago
Is It Safe To Purchase Junk Yard Cars For Sale?

When you hear the term Junkyard, what comes to your mind?
Even if you have not been to one, I believe you are familiar with the term. You may also beagle …

1 month ago
Salvage Car Facts Debunked! Top 4 Misconceptions About Salvage Title Car

Buying a new vehicle can be super expensive, leading many people to look for other options like used vehicles. To save money further – people started looking to buy a …

2 months ago
What Makes Used Car Auctions Cheaper Than Dealerships?

You may be wondering why car auctions?
The answer? – Price!
Car auctions are generally cheaper than dealerships or private sales. In fact, many dealerships source their inventory from car auctions, do …

2 months ago updated 05/10/2022
Top 10 Least Expensive Cars to Own and Maintain

Owning a car is beyond walking into a dealership and purchasing one – it goes beyond that. It takes dedication, creating a maintenance schedule, and doing right by your vehicle. 
As …

2 months ago
Used Cars: Top 8 Common Electrical Issues in Auction Cars

Ready to make your first purchase? Here are a few pointers…
At used car auctions, cars with various conditions are auctioned – from salvage to flood-damaged vehicles and even clean title …

3 months ago
Used Cars: Is It Worth Purchasing  A Biohazard Vehicle?

Wholesale auctions have always had a wide range of vehicles giving clients a range of options to source their inventory…for a fraction of the retail price too. At the same …

3 months ago
Understanding Auction Sale Terms: What is Pre-bid, Auction and Buy Now Price?

Navigating wholesale vehicle auctions platforms can be difficult if you’re a first-timer. Especially if you don’t know the different auction sale terms. More times than not you are very likely …

3 months ago
How to Save Gas: DIY Maintenance Tips To Help Reduce Gas Consumption

Unless you drive an electric vehicle, paying for gas bites deep into your pocket – especially with the rising cost of gas.
Many people are looking for alternative options to save …

3 months ago
Rising Fuel Prices: How Can I Save on Gas?

Global gas prices have been on the rise since the invasion of Ukraine. This has made it challenging for vehicle owners to fill their tanks. 
AAA reports the average cost of …

3 months ago
Is it Worth Buying an Enhanced Vehicle From Copart?

Are you planning to make a purchase from an auction?
Auction terms can be overwhelming for first-time buyers to comprehend. The number of terms can make you feel out of depth …

4 months ago updated 05/19/2022