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Car Auctions: What Cars Can I Go For at The 2023 Auctions?

Over decades, car auctions have been a safe haven for awesome car deals with a wide inventory of various options. Whether you want to experience the thrill of in-person bidding …

2 months ago
5 Best Used Cars for City Driving That Fit Your Budget

Living in the city and owning a car can be nerve-wracking for some drivers. When you consider the busy roads and impatient drivers, it becomes easy to see why. Dents, …

6 months ago
6 Tips on How to Properly Inspect Used Car Before Buying

Are you looking to purchase a used car but don’t know how to inspect used car properly?
Before making a purchase we recommend doing your due diligence before committing to a …

6 months ago
7 Benefits of Buying a Used Car Through Auto Auction Mall

Buying from wholesale Car auctions often is a lot to handle for many first-time buyers. Even repeat buyers may find it confusing and too fast-paced to handle. It’s often times a …

6 months ago
Payment Issues: How it Affects Used Car Purchase and Importation To West Africa, Nigeria

Payment issues in West Africa, Nigeria…
Making a wire payment in most countries is as simple as walking into the bank, filling out the required form, and it’s done!
Sadly, monetary policies …

7 months ago
Used Car Auctions – Recent Trends and Things to Note

Just like every industry, used car auctions have trends that change over time due to different factors.
For instance – the lockdown and semiconductor chip shortage affected the entire auto industry …

7 months ago
5 “Boring” Cars That Can Make You a Fortune at the Car Auctions

Vehicles tend to depreciate over time but in very rare cases they increase in value. There are many classics that easily rack up millions of dollars in auctions… cars like …

8 months ago
Buyer Tips: 6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Vehicle

You hit your savings goal and you’re now ready to get the dream car… What’s next?
Buying the best car for you and going through the negotiating process can be a …

8 months ago
Buyer Tips: 5 Most Important Parts to Replace After Buying Used Vehicle

Just purchased a used car or about to?

The excitement of finally getting the car of your dreams cannot be replaced. 
However, you need to manage your excitement by retraining yourself from …

9 months ago
Auto Auction: How to Buy and Ship a Truck From a Truck Auction

Are you in the market shopping for a truck for export? There is a way to buy one and have it exported to the location of your choice. Trucks offer …

10 months ago
Buyer Tips: Top 5 Most Reliable Used Cars Under 3000

If you’re on a tight budget, buying a brand new car might not be an option…and this is where used car auctions sometimes are lifesavers!
Yes, they are used…but being able …

10 months ago
Motorcycle Auctions: 10 Things to Note When Buying a Motorcycle For Export

Asides from the feeling of the wind in your ears and the raw engine vibrations under your seat, owning a motorcycle is also an inexpensive way to commute, beat down …

10 months ago
How Can I Get Good Deals From An Abandoned Car Market?

We know what the word abandoned means – when it comes to cars it could mean a bunch of different things.
Vehicles are termed abandoned for different reasons – some are …

10 months ago
Top 5 Ways to Save Money At Car Auctions 

Car auctions can be overwhelming and a money-eating experience if you don’t know the ropes; especially for newbies and sometimes, even experts who miss a step and can end up …

10 months ago
Is It Safe To Purchase Junk Yard Cars For Sale?

When you hear the term Junkyard, what comes to your mind?
Even if you have not been to one, I believe you are familiar with the term. You may also beagle …

10 months ago