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Buyer Tips: 6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Vehicle

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 07/27/2022

You hit your savings goal and you’re now ready to get the dream car… What’s next?


Buying the best car for you and going through the negotiating process can be a whirlwind experience. With inflation, semiconductor shortage, and an increase in gas prices, buying a car is no longer a cut and dry process. There are a number of factors to consider before  Putting money into a vehicle purchase, new or used.


So what are these factors to be considered before making your purchase?


First, you need to do your homework by researching where you want to buy your vehicle and the vehicle you want to purchase. Is the vehicle you want to buy available? Many people are holding on to their vehicles because of the hike in prices and the limited supply of vehicles. 


You need to consider all of these before committing to buying a new vehicle. 

We have put together a list of questions to answer before making your purchase. It will guide you through your buying process. 


1. What Safety Features Will it Come With?

This question is important because even though safety features prevent collisions they are not always included as a standard feature. Some may be named weirdly or grouped into totally different features or packages. For instance, the automatic emergency braking system is called “pre sense front” and “pre sense duty” in Audi.

Shocking right? 

Automakers have the liberty of naming features however they deem fit. 

When asking about the safety features that come with the vehicle, take out time to research online. Search for the vehicle of your choice. Check for the price and trim level you will need to get the safety features you want. When taking the car for a test drive check to see that the safety feature you want is available. 


2. Should I Go For a Gas, Hybrid, or Electric Vehicle?

This is an important question to ask yourself, based on your budget and preference. Although hybrids and EVs cost more, they are emission-free and much cheaper to run – especially with increased gas prices. It is important to look at the cost of operation, maintenance, and repairs when thinking of buying a vehicle. 

If you want to save on gas, then consider hybrids or even better fully electric vehicles. Consumer Reports ( analysis shows that with gas at $5 per gallon driving an electric SUV will save you $2,600 per year on gas and maintenance. 


3. Does it Have the Essential Extras I need?

Some cars are designed to carry out certain tasks, such as off-roading, camping, or towing. Depending on your need, you will have to find out what extra tasks the vehicle you want to perform. Knowing the vehicle’s capabilities can help you avoid paying for extras you don’t need. 

If you want a vehicle for camping or that can tow – choose a vehicle with the capability to perform this task. Check the car’s manual or search the manufacturer’s site. If you want a vehicle with off-roading capabilities check for the best option package, trim level, and engine choices that fit what you want. 


4. How Much Will It Cost Me on Routine Maintenance?

When getting a new car, it is important to have an idea of how much it’ll cost you to carry out routine maintenance. Some vehicles come with free oil changes and tire rotation while others don’t. If you buy a vehicle without complimentary maintenance, you will want to know how much it will cost to have the vehicle maintained. 

Check the manufacturer’s site for the recommended maintenance schedule or you can request one from a professional mechanic. If free maintenance is not included in the package, have a professional handle it.


5. Is There Enough Seating and Cargo Space?

Check the rear seats, get into the car, and see how easy it is to get out. Check if there are problems with the headroom and legroom. If the vehicle has a third row, check how cramped it is and if passengers can sit comfortably. Check the trunk and how spacious it is for cargo. Confirm that the cubic feet the automaker is boosting are in reality the exact size. 


6. Does the Infotainment Tech Work for me?

With the advancement of technology, many cars have also moved with the trend of having advanced features. Drivers may face challenges navigating and mastering the various systems popping up yearly. Don’t be hung up on a feature you can’t use – get one you are familiar with. 

If it’s a system you are not familiar with, see if you can figure out the controls, menus, and settings. Don’t make assumptions about the technology and features that come with it. Confirm the features that are available. 

Due to the semiconductor shortage, automakers are doing away with certain features that usually come with a particular car. Do your research before making your purchase. 


Buyer Tips: Buying a Used Car

When buying a used car, request a vehicle history report or a VIN check. This report has information on the vehicle, the title, odometer, damage and repair history, etc, this report gives you an idea of the history of the vehicle and will influence your buying decision. 

For a more comprehensive report on the current condition of the vehicle, request a physical inspection. A professional mechanic or an inspection company will physically inspect the vehicle. You will be given a detailed report on the functioning and nonfunctioning components of the vehicle. You will also have an idea of the level of repairs you will have to do and input it into your budget. 

It is recommended to have your used car serviced before getting it on the road. Have a professional mechanic handle the repair and replacement of the different parts. 


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