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5 Things to do to Restore Your Flooded Vehicle

We’ve all had to drive through knee-deep water at some point often due to bad weather …. fearful of the car stalling. In some cases, the water got into the …

10 mins ago
Your 101 Guide to Choosing the Right Electric Vehicle (EV)

Do you want to contribute to saving the environment? Then, it’s time to consider buying an Electric Vehicle (EV)
Choosing the right Electric Vehicle (EV) is important if you want to …

2 weeks ago
5 Best Cars to Buy During the Summer Holiday

It’s almost summer… and If you’re the adventurous type, a road trip by car, truck or bike would most likely be at the top of your list of activities. 

A truck …

4 weeks ago
10 Easy Toyota Maintenance Tips you Should Know

Do you already own a Toyota or planning to get one soon? What can you do to get the best out of your Toyota and improve the lifespan?
Regular car maintenance …

1 month ago updated 07/01/2021
Hybrid Vs Gas Vs Diesel Cars: Which is best for you?

Hybrid, Gas, Diesel? Don’t we all want a car that has high fuel efficiency, saves us a few bucks, and produces enough power for us to literally “fly” on land? 
You …

1 month ago
5 Common Chrysler Fault Codes and DIY Tips To Fix It

Is your Check Engine light on and refusing to go out?  Or the Brake lights on your dashboard keep popping up but yet your brakes feel fine? 
These could be urgent …

1 month ago
5 Useful Factors to Determine the Value of Your Used Vehicle

Looking to sell your old car to buy a better one? How can you determine the value of your used vehicle to avoid undervaluing and selling for less than its …

2 months ago
Where Should I Buy from? Wholesale Car Auction or Private Sale?

Are you conflicted about buying a used car in a car auction or private sale? When buying a vehicle, there are a lot of factors to consider – budget – …

2 months ago updated 06/11/2021
5 Things to NOT Do to Increase Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

How would you like to increase your vehicle’s lifespan while spending even less on maintenance and repair bills? There are a few things you need to stop doing or never …

2 months ago updated 06/11/2021
4 Car Mileage Reading and How it Affects Buying a Used Car

When planning to buy a vehicle, would you consider an odometer reading of 150,000 – 200, 000 a good deal? With wholesale auctions, car mileage is a super important factor to …

2 months ago updated 06/11/2021
Car Titles 101: Buying a Vehicle with a Pending Title

Have you come across a vehicle with a pending title and wondered what they mean? Or have you bought a vehicle with a Title Pending, only to forfeit the vehicle …

2 months ago
5 Useful Car Accessories to buy for Your Car

A flat tire or dead battery can be a real bummer – especially on a day when you are running late and absolutely need to get going! Swapping tires or batteries …

2 months ago
Fault Code: 7 Fault Codes in Ford Car and What they Mean

What do the lights on your Ford vehicle dashboard mean? Have you ever been on the road with your dashboard glowing like the fourth of July with fault codes? 
Some car owners …

2 months ago updated 05/28/2021
5 Major Shipping Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying Your Used Vehicle

Congratulations! You just got a great deal on your dream car! But now it has been rejected as a runner at the port due to shipping pitfalls you could avoid.  
The …

3 months ago
5 Major Physical Damages to Look out for Before Buying a Used Car from Online Auction

What are the important physical damages to look out for before buying a car through online auctions? 
Without a doubt, wholesale used car auctions will help you save thousands of dollars …

3 months ago