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Car Auction: What Should I Know Before Placing First Bid to Avoid Mistakes?

As a first-time buyer at a car auction, you may sometimes feel like a fish out of water… it is totally fine to feel this way as most people felt …

5 hours ago
Driver Assistance Technology and Safety Features For Parking, Backing, Lane, and Side

Practically every recent vehicle today has assistance technology and safety features that can assist drivers with being more secure while driving. You may know some of these, and some of …

2 weeks ago
Driver Assist Technology: Safety Features in Cars for Monitoring and Communication

Anytime you jump behind the wheel, your first thought should be your safety rather than speed. 
Driver assist technologies help the driver stay alive thanks to warnings, notifications. In some cases, …

3 weeks ago
AWD vs 4WD: How Are They Different and How Are They Similar?

Knowing the difference between four-wheel-drive, 4WD, and all-wheel-drive, AWD has been a confusing issue for a lot of vehicle buyers.
With the rise in demand for SUVs and pickup trucks, more …

3 weeks ago
Car Safety Pt. 2: Braking, Tire Pressure, and Anti-Rollover Car Safety Features

Not too long ago, the only way you could tell if you had a flat or your tire pressure was low would have been to visually spot it before getting …

1 month ago updated 12/29/2021
Car Safety Pt.1: Safety Features that Prevent Forward Collision 

Every single time you get behind the wheel for a quick dash to the grocery store, to work, or for a friendly hangout, you have to consider and manage the …

1 month ago
Used Cars: Top Used Vehicle To Buy If You Are On a Budget Of $5000

You don’t need to clean out your bank account just to own your dream car… A used vehicle is a great alternative to brand new vehicles especially if you are on …

2 months ago
Vehicle Frame Damage: How Does It Affect Your Car Purchase?

Thinking of buying a salvage title vehicle but concerned about the “Frame Damage” status?

Can it be fixed properly to get a safe vehicle? 
We’ll help answer that!
If you have been in …

2 months ago
Used Car Auctions: 10 Major Damage codes You May Find in Car Listings

If you have ever browsed through a used car auction listing you probably have come across the “DAMAGE” report for the vehicle. These damages could be either primary or secondary.
This …

2 months ago
Need A Family Vehicle? Here’s Our Top 7 Picks For 2021

If you are considering options for a family vehicle that’s perfect, safe, and convenient? We’ve got something you’d like.
Safety is always a priority feature as no one wants to put …

2 months ago
Toyota Freak? See The Top 10 Toyota Under $10k Available at Used Car Auctions!

Are you looking to get a new Toyota but on a tight budget?
With $10,000 (USD) or much less, it is possible to land a great deal that is exactly what …

2 months ago
4 Life-Saving Car Escape Accessories Every Driver Should Own

Have you ever thought of how you would escape if you are ever in an accident? 
Even the thought of it makes one cringe… 
Car accidents can be very scary and in …

3 months ago
How To Get Your Dream Luxury Car For A Fraction Of The Retail Cost!

Do you have a taste for luxury but the one thing stopping you is the price tag? You’ve probably always wanted to own a Ferrari or a Mercedes, or Lexus, …

4 months ago
Preventing Car Theft: 8 Car Security Tips to Secure Your Car

Imagine saving up month after month, denying yourself a lot of things so you can get your dream car. Just to have it stolen from somewhere you parked it… that’s …

4 months ago
Hybrid Car: 8 Simple DIY Tips to Save You From Costly Repairs

Choosing a Hybrid car for many people is a no-brainer, the quiet drive, the savings on gas, fewer emissions, great pros if you’re about functionality and efficiency but it’s if …

4 months ago