Buying a Used Toyota Sienna

By Mike Richards Posted: 10/03/2017

In the past, minivans might have had a reputation for being vehicles that were solely used to shuttle the kids to and from school and practice. While the more recent minivans certainly have the capability to do this, they tend to have more options and features, and they are a good solution for a range of needs. If you have been looking for quality used cars for sale, checking out minivans, such as the Toyota Sienna could be a very good choice for you. They have quite a few amenities, and many love what the Sienna minivans of the past several years have to offer.

When you choose to buy a used minivan rather than a brand-new one, you can get a great vehicle at a stellar price. What is it about these vans that help to make them such a popular option on the used market?

Why Consider a Used Toyota Sienna?

The models after 2010 are considered the third generation of the Toyota Sienna, and these have a lot to love for those who are in the market. These minivans have two different engine options. There is a 266hp V-6, as well as a 187hp 2.7-liter inline four. The vehicle has a six-speed transmission as well, which can transfer power to the drive wheels from the engine. They have also added a somewhat sportier model to the roster in recent years.

One of the biggest pros for many buyers is the fact that they can have powerful engines. Of course, most people are interested in the amount of space the minivan provides. These vehicles can easily carry seven to eight passengers. If you find that you need to have some more space for cargo, whether it is for work or to take a surfboard to the beach, you can remove the second row of seats. They are easy to drive, and they can provide a comfortable ride for passengers and the driver.

You can find several different trim levels with the Sienna, including the base, LE, XLE, Limited, and the sportier SE trim. Some of the features found on the newer models include things such as lounge seating with chairs that can recline, a keyless Smart Key System from Toyota, cameras, and more.

There are many different features that could be on the vehicle you are considering. You will want to make sure you read the description of the used vehicles for sale fully so you know exactly what it is you are getting.

A Great Option

Even though a minivan might not be the flashiest vehicle you can find on the market, it can still be one of the best, and it might be just what you need. The redesign of these vans in 2010 did help to make them sleeker and more pleasing to the eye. The Toyota Sienna has been considered one of the very best minivans on the market since it was first introduced. With all of the features and options that the vehicle can offer, it is no wonder that people still gravitate toward this van when they are looking for a used van for sale.

While the Toyota Sienna is a very popular option when it comes to used cars for sale, you might also want to check out one of their main competitors – the Honda Odyssey. As always, when you are buying a used vehicle, be sure you are doing your due diligence to make sure you are getting a quality vehicle.

Check the trim level that is on offer and make sure the price being asked for the vehicle is comparable to the going prices through online sites or in your local area. Check the condition of the vehicle to see if there might be anything wrong with it, and always check the mileage. Even though Toyotas have a good reputation for being able to drive on for well over 100,000 miles, you should make sure that you know exactly how many miles the vehicle has before you buy.

If you need to have something with some space for your children or your friends, then this can be a great option.