What is Salvage title?

Full Info About Buying Salvage Cars for Sale Online

By Mike Richards Updated: 12/27/2019 Posted: 05/23/2017

Online auto auctions have become an excellent tool for buyers who search the best deals. With an easier entry point, simple bidding process, and frequently, less competition, the online auction world is ripe for picking. But many buyers wonder if it’s worth it to shop online for salvage cars for sale. It’s tricky to get a good deal on a salvage title car or truck in person; is there a way to make sure you aren’t getting a lemon?

Get Salvage Cars for Sale Info

Of course, the most obvious first step to getting a great deal on salvage cars for sale is to make sure you have all the information. The seller should be able to provide not only what type of damage was sustained, but also describe the damage in detail. Pictures are generally expected, and if you don’t see pictures and descriptions that match up, it may be best to stay away. Just like shopping in person, look for salvage vehicles in online auctions that have most of the damage in an isolated spot, and that sustained no fire or water damage.

Have a Type and Stick to It

If you are in the business of buying salvage cars for sale, then this is a very good idea: get a type, and stick to it. Figure out which make and model of car you sell best, and then only buy salvage cars of that make and model. That will ensure that you always have plenty of parts for rebuilding, and you’ll also gain a lot of familiarity with the car – allowing you to speed through inspections and repairs in a hurry. This will save you money in parts and repairs, so you’ll come out on top even if you do end up totally cannibalizing a purchase or two.

Watch for the History Report

Salvage cars for sale should always come with a vehicle history report. In general, you want one from either Carfax or AutoCheck. Both have their pros and cons, and in the end they both add up to about the same amount of information. Keep in mind that these reports don’t replace a proper inspection, but they can help you gauge whether a car you’ve never seen is a good deal or not. Watch for how many accidents the car has been involved in, how many owners its gone through, and how often its been in the shop. You should also ask the seller to verify the mileage with a picture – Carfax does report mileage, so it’s easy to compare.

Seamless Bidding with Online Auctions

The best thing about online auctions is that the bidding is seamless. Figure out your maximum budget for what you have judged is a worthy salvage car to buy, and then walk away. You won’t be tempted by the high-energy atmosphere of the auction lot, and can keep your wits about you while you hunt down bargains. Explore our vehicle auctions, as well as finding more information about how these auctions work.