Buying a Used Dodge Journey

By Mike Richards Updated: 04/25/2019 Posted: 09/21/2017

Those who are searching for a crossover SUV will find there are quite a few options out there once they start to look at the used cars for sale on the web, or in their area. With all of the choices, what makes the 2015 Dodge Journey a good option? The vehicle is comfortable and spacious, and it has a wealth of features that help to make it one of the top choices for used SUVs. However, you likely want to know more about these vehicles before you decide to part with your money.

Best Reasons to Consider a Used 2015 Dodge Journey

You will find a lot to like about this vehicle, from the attractive appearance to the chrome accents. It has nice lines, providing it with a sleek appearance that forgets about the once popular boxy SUVs of the past. The exterior is very tasteful, but the interior offers plenty to love, as well. It has easy to read gauges and cup holders that are in the perfect place so the driver and passengers never have to reach very far.

The vehicle also happens to be quite comfortable, and there will be plenty of space for your passengers. The Dodge Journey can hold up to seven passengers easily, which helps to make this a nice solution for those who are looking for a family vehicle, something they can use for the carpool, or to carry around their friends. Everyone in the vehicle, from the driver to all of the passengers, will have plenty of leg room, and this includes adults. The third-row seating does have a bit less space available, but this is a perfect area for the kids.

In addition to being able to haul around people, the SUV happens to have quite a bit of storage space, as well. The seats can fold down to provide 67.6 cubic feet of cargo carrying area, and there are bins beneath the second row of seats, and the driver’s seat.

You will also love the entertainment center in the 2015 Dodge Journey. It provides a touchscreen infotainment center that has physical buttons and knobs, as well. From here, you can control things such as the radio, navigation, and more. On the base version of the vehicle, the screen is 4.3”, but it can be upgraded to 8.4”. The larger screen is standard on the Limited and R/T trims. You will also have a USB port, which is handy given the number of electronic items that people tend to carry with them today.

When you are behind the wheel of the Journey, you will enjoy a nice, smooth, and quiet ride. You do not have to worry about the engine or sounds from the outside making their way into the cab and making it difficult to hear one another speaking. The SUV is also simple to operate, and even has a push start button and automatic transmission. Everything about the vehicle is nice and easy to operate.

When it comes to gas mileage, the vehicle tends to get 19mpg in the city and 23mpg on the highway. It’s true that this is somewhat less than what other similar models might offer in terms of fuel efficiency, but it is not too bad when you consider the size of the vehicle and all of the other great features it offers.

The standard engine for the Journey is four-cylinders, but it is possible to find those that have upgrades to a V6 instead. This will provide you with some more power, but it might not be something you need.

Is It Right for You?

While the 2015 Dodge Journey could be a good solution for you, it might be wise to see if you can find a 2014. These vehicles have very few differences between them, and you could save even more when you buy a slightly older vehicle. Of course, you will also want to consider the condition of the vehicles and how much mileage each of them has before you buy. In addition, given the fact that there are many different features and options via the various trims, make sure you know exactly what you are getting.