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Can Anyone Go to a Copart Auction?

By Mike Richards Updated: 03/04/2020 Posted: 09/30/2019

Can anyone go to a Copart auction? The short answer is YES. Though you need to use an authorized representative or seller, like Auto Auction Mall. We will discuss how this works.

Copart is one of the most popular online vehicle auctions in the United States. It is available in more than 190 locations and is favored by many used car buyers looking to buy cars, SUVs, or motorcycles at a great price. The general public can access the vehicles at Copart. However, there are limitations to the cars you can bid on. Bidding through an authorized representative, like Auto Auction Mall will give you greater access.

Although it may seem unnecessary, or even inconvenient to go through an authorized dealer, there are several benefits to it.

Why Choose Copart?

Large Collection of Cars

Copart Auction is popular amongst car dealers, private buyers and those selling their cars. Some of those who contribute to the vast collection of vehicles in Copart include insurance companies, banks, charity organizations, government agencies, car rental companies, and fleet operators. Most of these people prefer selling their cars through Copart because of the large number of buyers who trust it. Cars are sold much faster through Copart than through typical public auctions. You can find any brand like Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, or even Ferrari, both automatic or manual transmission.

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Copart Provides Buyers with a Range of Services

Copart isn’t just a place for those seeking great deals on used cars. Dismantlers, exporters, and rebuilders also contribute to Copart’s success. Since insurance companies use Copart or others like IAA, some of the cars sold are damaged. These cars are favored by dismantlers who are looking for spare parts, while others find the price attractive, especially if the cost of repairs is likely to be low. Since Copart attracts different categories of buyers, even those interested in making money from scrap know they will get someone to buy their totaled car.

Low-Priced Vehicles

There is no doubt you will find cars in Copart at a much lower price than most sites. This is because this auction is primarily for dealers. Only those with a dealer license are allowed to take part in all the auctions. Individuals can bid for the cars but through an authorized Copart dealer.

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How to Bid for Cars from Copart through Auto Auction Mall

When buying a car through a dealer, you can still take advantage of the low prices by going through Auto Auction Mall. Fortunately, Copart has made it easier for members to access auctions from North America online.

When you approach Auto Auction Mall, at a fee you will be granted access to the thousands of cars available for auction. What the authorized dealer is essentially doing is giving you access through his license. However, you are not allowed to bid.

Once you determine the car you are interested in, the dealer will bid on your behalf. You should have a limit beyond which your proxy bidder cannot bid. If you have never bought a car from an auction before, having a dealer act as your proxy means you have a specialist acting in your best interest. Auto Auction Mall has the expertise to guide you when choosing a car, as well as the bidding and shipping process.

Benefits of Accessing Copart through Auto Auction Mall

Choosing a Copart agent can be a little overwhelming. How does one representative differ from the next? The first thing you need to do is verify if the agent has a license to represent your interest with the various auctions, including Copart. Auto Auction Mall is authorized to be your representative at Copart.

Access to All Copart Auctions

Copart holds 190 auctions in different locations. If you would like to reduce transportation costs, you need to choose a site that is closest to you. Auto Auction Mall allows you to save as much money as possible by giving you the option of buying from the massive number of cars found in the various auctions. 

Copart receives vehicles from several entities, including car rental companies, private institutions, private sellers, and government institutions. Some of these cars have clean titles, while others are salvage. You get to pick a vehicle based on your interest, budget, and availability. 

Auto Auction Mall-Copart Fees

Car Auctions

A challenge that many buyers face when they approach dealers are the unpredictable fees.  Knowing how much to pay will help you to plan better. You will also be working with known figures. For example, Auto Auction Mall charges a standard documentation fee of $75. This cost covers legal paperwork that includes the transfer of the car to your name.

For cars that cost $3,499 or less, Auto Auction Mall charges a fee of $249, while for those that cost above $3,500, the charge is $299. Copart gives representatives two options when it comes to payments, the use of secured payments (schedule A) and the choice of either secured or unsecured payments (Schedule B).

Auto Auction Mall uses schedule B, both secured and unsecured payment system, because they prefer giving clients an option when it comes to the preferred mode of payment.

The auction clearing fees vary and are beyond the control of Auto Auction Mall because this amount goes directly to Copart. This rate is determined after your bid is confirmed. This is because the rates are dependent on the final price of the vehicle.

Access to Vehicles Open to Dealers Only

Once you agree on the terms of service of the authorized Copart representative, you will be able to view the vehicles that are only available to dealers. Most of these auctions are designed to provide vehicles to dealerships at wholesale prices. Having a representative like Auto Auction Mall means you get to see and bid on vehicles at the price that dealers do. 

Dealers are also great at selecting cars because of the experience they acquired buying vehicles from auctions. When you have someone with the right expertise guiding you, the odds of getting a great vehicle are high. You won’t just save money because you will buy the vehicle at wholesale prices, you will also save on repairs since you will be working with someone who understands the importance of selecting the best car possible. 

Choosing to work with a Copart representative does not take the right to select a car from you. You simply have a helping hand, especially knowing how time and energy consuming it is to buy a used car. It is, however, essential to pick a proxy who has your interests at heart.

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