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How You Can Buy a Used Car without Having to Visit a Dealership

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 08/03/2017

Having the opportunity to purchase a new vehicle is always exciting. However, buying any kind of car – and most especially a used car – is not without its hassles.

If you’re currently looking to buy a used car, you likely think that your next step should be to visit a dealership. Before you do so, though, consider the drawbacks. For one, your selection will be limited to what’s available on the lot. In addition, you’ll also be paying a markup on any vehicle you purchase… Oh, and you’ll need to haggle with the used car salesperson, too!

Thankfully, you don’t need to visit a dealership to buy a used car. In fact, there is a much better way to go about this that’s more convenient, offers more choice and that will save you money…

Buying Used Cars Online from Owners

The Internet has changed the way that people buy used cars. Thanks to websites like Craigslist, you can now get in touch directly with owners who are selling their vehicles. Naturally, this provides you with a good degree of choice and the potential for savings. Even here, though, there are drawbacks.

When you’re contracting directly with owners, you’re obviously taking on some level of risk. Who’s to say if this so-called ‘owner’ isn’t just trying to scam an unsuspecting buyer? Beyond this, searching for a used car that’s right for your needs among the thousands of other things available is a chore…

Thankfully, there’s a much better way to buy a used car than this…

Online Dealer Auto Auctions: The Better Way

You’ve probably long known about dealer auto auctions and how they can save people extraordinary amounts of money. Likewise, you’ve likely believed that these dealer auctions are closed to the general public.

While it is true that in-person dealer auctions are only open to those with dealer’s licenses, there’s another way to get involved. Online dealer auto auctions allow ordinary consumers like you to participate in certain dealer auctions taking place across the country. This is possible because these online dealer auto auctions list vehicles from certain dealer-only auction houses on their site so that you get access to this inventory at great prices.

Through these websites, you can enjoy a level of selection you’d never be able to get at a dealership or even on Craigslist. You’ll also have the convenience of being able to shop from your own home. Finally, you’ll be able enjoy savings of up to 70% or more on your purchase. Oh, and online dealer auto auctions are entirely safe too!

How to Sign Up for Online Dealer Auto Auctions Today

Getting started with online dealer auto auctions is just the same as signing up with any other online retailer. You simply need to create an account by providing very basic information about yourself. After this, you can begin browsing the extensive inventory of used cars that are available!

Should you want to start bidding, you’ll then make a deposit to establish your buying power. Typically, whatever you deposit will represent one-tenth of whatever your maximum bid can be.

In the end, you’ll definitely discover why so many other auto buyers are using these auctions to buy used cars. In fact, you may decide never to set foot in a used car dealership ever again!