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Can a Car Dealer Auction Really Save Money and How Much Should I Save for a Car?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 05/24/2017

If you have ever purchased a new or used vehicle, you know that the enormous price tag slapped on the windshield or highlighted on the window sticker is not really the bottom line. That price is a ballpark for what you will be charged, and then there are many different fees and additional charges. So, you negotiate, you think “how much should i save for a car?”, work the figure into one you can afford and then finance or pay in full. Did you get the very best deal? If you did not also comparison shop in a car dealer auctionthere is actually no way you got to the truly bargain basement price.

Saving Big at a Car Dealer Auction

Before you argue that you can attend an auction and get a good price on your own, keep in mind that those are public auctions. It is only the authentic car dealer auction, opened exclusively to licensed dealers, where you find vehicles at the lowest possible prices. Saving much more money at these auctions is really possible. Because a car dealer auction is made up of dealers competing for inventory and salvage vehicles, the prices remain as low as possible. The buyers are people who need to handle the vehicles and turn around to sell them at the best price point possible. Their goal is profit, and so they keep their bids low.

So, how can you, as an average consumer gain access to a car dealer auction? The good news is that the Internet has created a way for almost anyone to find deals at auctions of this kind. By creating a website oriented towards those without licenses, some dealers are able to do the bidding, buying, shipping and paperwork for you.

What to Know

As you might well imagine, though, not all sites are alike. To be sure you are gaining access to the best inventories and stock, you need to perform a bit of due diligence. The auto dealer auction sites should have an array of tools that ensure you make the best decisions possible. For example, look for:

  • Agents dedicated to you and your needs
  • An easy to use search engine
  • Listings that offer the VIN, mileage, status of the title and details about the condition or problems with the car or truck
  • An image gallery for each vehicle
  • Current location details of the vehicle

In addition to comprehensive information available about any vehicle, and that easy to use search engine, the site itself should be your greatest asset. For example, it should handle paperwork, bidding and final payments. It is also ideal to work with one that offers shipping.

And when you do find a site that can do all of this? They can usually help you obtain entirely functional and quality cars for a fraction of the average auction and/or dealership prices. By cutting the famous “middle man” the dealer auction sites let you enjoy the same amazing prices, and ask only reasonable amounts to help you complete the transaction and take ownership of your new vehicle.