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Can I Find Low Mileage Vehicles in Online Car Auctions?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 06/08/2017

Online car auctions are quickly becoming one of the preferred ways for consumers to purchase vehicles. These consumers realize the number of benefits afforded by using these online auctions to purchase vehicles. Not the least of these benefits is the opportunity to save upwards of 70% or more on the purchase of a vehicle. This is in addition to the level of choice that these online auctions provide, as well as the convenience of being able to shop from home.

Still, some newcomers to online car auctions may be put off by what they perceive to be the low quality of vehicles available. These newcomers mistakenly believe that one can only find salvage cars and unwanted used vehicles through online car auctions. The truth is that the inventory available runs the gamut, from vehicles that have been wrecked in collisions to low-mileage vehicles from recent model years. How is this possible? Let’s explore.

Where Low-Mileage Vehicles Come From

There are a number of reasons for which a low-mileage vehicle can find its way onto an online car auction website. The most notable of these reasons has to do with repossessions. Most often, the low-mileage vehicles you find in online car auctions vehicles that were purchased recently but for which the owner did not keep up with payments. Following repossession, these vehicles can often end up in online auctions.

All of this said, it’s important to note one thing. While it is possible to find low-mileage vehicles in online car auctions, they’re not the most common. Because of this, you’ll necessarily be limited in terms of the makes and models available to you.

Expanding Your Search

This is why it’s almost always recommended that you do not confine your search in online car auctions specifically to low-mileage vehicles. The fact is that there are many used and salvage cars out there, any of which might be perfect for your needs.

Further, online car auctions make it easy to research the vehicles upon which you might wish to bid. You will almost always have access to a car’s VIN, which allows you to request a history report through a third party like CarFax. By looking at these reports, finding that diamond in the rough you want is much easier than you might expect.

Getting Help When Searching Online Car Auction Sites

Taking things a step further, note that quality online car auction providers also offer their users access to auction specialists. If you work with the one assigned to you, he or she can help you find the vehicle you’re looking for in a condition and at a price that makes sense.

So yes, you can find low-mileage vehicles in online car auctions. But, if you really want to appreciate the full extent of the power that these auctions put in your hands, you’ve got to broaden your search. Really consider all of the vehicles that are out there, and set yourself up to save thousands on your next vehicle purchase.