What is Salvage title?

Can I Find Working Vehicles in Online Car Auctions?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 06/08/2017

Sometimes it seems like getting a good deal on a vehicle is next to impossible. Rather obviously, car dealerships and car salespeople are really only interested in their bottom lines. This leads to huge markups and customers shouldering the burden of having to pay more for a vehicle than they really should.

For this reason, many auto buyers are turning to alternative methods of purchasing a vehicle. Some, in fact, are using services like Craigslist in order to buy used cars directly from their owners. Of course, going this route isn’t without its risks. You can never be certain about the scrupulousness of anyone you might contract business with online…

It’s for this reason that as consumers have turned their attention toward the Internet when buying vehicles, they’ve become interested in online car auctions. However, there are still a great number of consumers who aren’t totally up to speed on these auctions. Many of these people believe that online car auctions are only for non-functional vehicles. The truth is otherwise.

Used and Salvage Cars Available in Online Car Auctions

The truth is that you can find all manner of vehicles in online car auctions. Not only does the selection run the gamut in terms of makes and models; it also runs the gamut in terms of car condition.

The belief that online car auctions are for non-functional cars comes from the volume of salvage cars available through these websites. Here, though, a misunderstanding about what the salvage designation means is at play.

Simply put, a salvage vehicle is one that has had its policy paid out at a rate of 75% or greater by an insurer. Sure enough, this can happen in the event of a catastrophic accident or collision, but there are other reasons. For example, there are theft-recovery salvage cars that may be in fine working order, as they’re only salvage due to the theft itself.

But, that’s just a consideration of salvage cars available in online car auctions. In addition to these, there are also a number of ordinary used cars available too! These vehicles come from a wide variety of sources, from governmental agencies getting rid of old cars to dealerships clearing out old inventory.

When it comes to these used cars, there will be some variation in condition from vehicle to vehicle. However, some simple research can help you to identify whether or not a car needs work or does not. Any online car auction site will provide VINs for its listings. With this, you can request a vehicle history report through a third party and ascertain the present state of the vehicle.

Buy Working Vehicles in Online Car Auctions

So, the answer is decidedly yes. You can find and purchase working vehicles in online car auctions. In fact, when you do this, you stand to save thousands of dollars over what you would pay otherwise. So, give online car auctions a try today, and see for yourself what’s out there. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!