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Can I Insure Salvage Auto from Car Auctions in GA Georgia?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/23/2019 Posted: 10/15/2015

Many residents have found that buying cars through cars auction in Georgia has the potential to save them a substantial amount of money. The vehicles available at car auctions in GA are typically far cheaper than those at used dealerships in the area. Also, you do not have to go through the hassle of negotiating with a used car salesman.

However, you will also find that inventory of the vehicles available through public and dealer car auctions are salvage titles. This means that before you can get them on the road, you need to follow all of Georgia’s rules on getting a rebuild title. While they aren’t difficult to understand or follow, they can require some time to fulfill. Still, given the money that you can potentially save when you buy through an auction, it is often worth the added steps.

How to Title the Vehicle

One of the common questions about insuring salvage vehicles from Georgia is whether they need to have a title or not. If the car is an old model – from 1962 or earlier – you will not actually need to have a title. This might apply to those who are looking to buy classic cars that could show up in auctions on occasion.

However, if it does need to have a title, the seller needs to complete an Application for an Original or Replacement Salvage Title. The registration and the license plate need to be surrendered at that time. You will then be able to get a salvage title for the vehicle and sell the car through car auctions.

Those who subsequently buy the vehicles from the auto auctions in Georgia GA will have to apply for a rebuilt salvage title before they can get insurance. In order to apply for this title, you will need to have photos of the vehicle before it was repaired. You should also keep all receipts for the parts and labor that went into the vehicle, as you have to provide this with the application for the rebuilt salvage title.

In Georgia, you need to go through a licensed rebuilder with the salvage vehicle in the majority of cases. However, non-licensed rebuilders are allowed to rebuild up to two vehicles annually. It is always a good idea to check the latest laws and rules in Georgia when you are going through this process though, just to make sure things have not changed.

You will also need to have an inspection at an inspection station approved by the state of Georgia before you can get a rebuilt title for your vehicle. You can have the inspections done at one of the many locations around the state, or you can actually have them come to your home. Keep in mind that if you take the vehicle to the location for the inspection, you will need to tow it there, as you cannot legally drive the vehicle at this time.

The various locations that offer these inspections have different fees, so you should call ahead to determine what the inspection will cost. Once you have the inspection completed, you will need to pay an $18 title fee and a $100 inspection fee to the state.

Those who want to have the vehicle inspected at their home will have to fill out a Request for Inspection of a Rebuilt Motor Vehicle through the Motor Vehicle Division. You can then submit all of your paperwork to the Salvage Unit of the MD\VD in Atlanta by mail. At that point, the state will be able to issue your tags and your plate to you.

Getting Insurance

Once you have your title and registration, you still need to have insurance. Finding insurance for a rebuilt title in Georgia is possible as many insurance companies are willing to provide you with basic insurance coverage. However, getting higher level insurance such as collision and comprehensive is not as easy, and not all insurance companies will provide this type of coverage on a vehicle with a rebuilt title.

It’s always a good idea to speak with some of the insurers before you get the vehicle at auction just so you have an idea of which companies will be able to cover you.

Even though it takes some extra steps, many Georgia residents find that the advantages of buying through automobile auctions outweigh the negatives. Start looking at what online vehicle auctions have to offer you. 

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