How Can I Use Dealer Auctions to Save Money on Used Cars?

By Mike Richards Updated: 12/04/2017 Posted: 07/18/2017

Purchasing a car, even a used one, is always something of an expensive proposition. It’s just a fact that cars don’t come cheaply! This is especially true if you only shop for used cars by visiting dealerships. When you do this, you’re committed to paying a dealership’s markup, which can oftentimes make up a significant percentage of the final purchase price.

Given this, you might be wondering if there’s a way to get around this markup, a way to save a handful of cash on a used car. As it turns out there is! You can choose to venture into the world of dealer auctions.

Gaining Access to In-Person Dealer Auctions

You’ve probably heard of dealer auctions before; they’ve been around for a long time and take place each and every day. In hearing about these auctions, you’ve likely heard tale of the incredible savings that those who bid can enjoy on used cars. Likewise, you’ve likely been disheartened to learn that most of these auctions are closed to the general public and only open to licensed dealers.

You can, if you wish, get around this. For one, you could see what it costs and how much it takes to get licensed as a dealer in your state. Second, you can hire a third-party who’s licensed to bid on your behalf. Still both of these options are not convenient, and they’re definitely more costly than they’re worth. Thankfully, there is another way…

Why You Should Try Online Dealer Auto Auctions

In recent years, a number of websites have cropped up that allow their users access to certain dealer only auctions onlineThese websites work by essentially acting as intermediaries between the general public and certain dealer auctions. This is possible because these online dealer auto auctions list vehicles from certain dealer-only auction houses on their site so that you get access to this inventory at great prices.

Accessing dealer auctions in this manner is decidedly better than trying to participate in person. For one, you needn’t take on the expense of getting licensed or hiring someone to bid for you. Even better, you can browse what’s available at auction sites across the country without even having to leave your home.

Because you can see what’s up for auction across the country, there’s also a high degree of choice involved. At any given moment, there are thousands of used cars being auctioned off. With selection like that, it’s eminently possible to find precisely the car you’ve been looking for. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy those savings that greedy dealers were once trying to keep to themselves!

Start Savings with Online Dealer Auto Auctions Today!

If you want to see what online dealer auto auctions are all about, then you can find out right this instant. All you need to do is locate a website that offers access to dealer auctions and create an account. After that, you can begin browsing immediately.

Should you want to start bidding – and you will – only a deposit is necessary as a next step. This deposit, which will be a fraction of what your maximum bid can be, establishes your buying power, and allows you to take firm control of the used car buying process!