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What is Salvage title?

Can You Find Used Boats and Cheap Yacht for Sale from Online Auctions?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/14/2015

If you dream of owning a yacht, but think you could never afford one, there is a solution for you. You can actually find cheap small yachts for sale from online auctions, and it could be the perfect way for you to become the captain of your own cruiser and starting a sport yachting in ocean or sea.

Are Online Auctions a Good Option?

Take a moment to look up the price of a new yacht as Sunseeker, Sundancer or Silverton. Now compare that to a yacht from a used dealership from a private owner or broker. While the used vessel is certainly cheaper, it’s still priced higher than what most people can afford. Online auctions offer you a real and legitimate way to find cheap yacht for sale that could be perfect for you, and they work quite simply.

Yachts are so much cheaper at auction because many of them are salvage titles and they need some repairs and care before you can actually get them registered and seaworthy. You might be thinking that this is the catch. You have to pay for repairs to get the boat into shape.

However, when you find cheap yachts for sale from online auctions and are paying less for the motorboat, you can use the other portion of your budget for repairs. It still tends to be much cheaper than buying a yacht in any other way.

You should make sure you have a budget in place for your purchase before you start trying to find cheap yachts for sale. In addition to the price of repairs and the price of the vessel, you also need to think about how much it will cost to ship it. The shipping costs will vary by location. For example, if you are in another country, the shipping cost will be higher than just moving the boat up the coast.

How Does the Auction Work?

Online auctions work similarly to an in-person auction, although they are less hectic. You will find a yacht that you like and then place a bid on it. Always take the time to research the yacht to learn more about it and what type of repairs it might need.

The more you learn about the vessel the happier you will be with the purchase. After you place your bid, others are going to be bidding against you, and you can be sure they want the yacht too. This has the potential to push up the price of the yacht. Make sure that you stick with your budget.

Always consider the condition of the yacht. Some of them may not be able to get a title at all, and these are only sold for parts. This could be a good choice for those who are trying to get parts for their current yacht.

What If You Don’t Want a Yacht?

Even though you might love the idea of having a boat, you might not want something as large as a yacht. Online auctions are still a great way to buy. Many of the auctions have a number of different types of watercraft available, so you should be able to find something that fits your needs, even if you are simply looking for a small fishing boat.

If you’ve always wanted a yacht, though, and love the idea of spending as much time as possible on the water, it’s nice to know that you can find cheap yachts for sale from online auctions. Just make sure you research the auction house or site, budget properly, and know exactly what it is you are buying.

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