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Here we not only look at information important to the licensed dealers who use our site, but also provide information to the general public about the behind-the-scenes industry around car dealers and dealerships, and why they use these auctions.

Car Dealers

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Todo lo que Necesita Saber sobre Comprar un Carro Usado

Si está buscando comprar un carro usado, en algún momento encontrará vehículos usados y certificados, como también simplemente usados. Pero, ¿hay alguna diferencia? Si es así, ¿cuál es esa diferencia?
Necesita …

5 months ago
How You Can Get Your Next Car from a Dealers Auto Auction

Purchasing a car takes a lot of time, patience, and money. However, consumers throughout the US and in other countries have discovered a new way. They can purchase used cars, …

9 months ago updated 10/08/2018
Skip the Clearance Sales and Use a Dealer Auction Instead

Go ahead and grab your latest newspaper or Sunday inserts and take a look at the many cars for sale. You’ll see ads from dealerships – both used and new …

2 years ago
Reasons Dealers Use a Car Dealer Auction… and Why You Should Too

Car dealers are often affiliated with a brand, but there are also enormous dealerships selling multiple brands as well as used vehicles of all kinds. We’ve all seen those vast …

2 years ago updated 12/03/2017
Shopping the Salvage Dealer Auction with an Eye for Resale

When it comes to shopping for wholesale vehicles at the salvage dealer auction, finding cars with good resale value can be a walk in the park for experienced dealers – …

2 years ago
What to Know as a Complete Newbie to Car Dealer Auctions Online

If you’ve been bargain hunting for a used car, then you’ve likely come across a service known as online car dealer auctions. In doing so, you’ve likely read that these …

2 years ago
Key Car Facts to Know Before Bidding in a Dealer Auction Online

Online dealer auctions are becoming a preferred way for auto buyers to purchase used, salvage and like-new vehicles. The reasons are obvious. In addition to offering unparalleled choice and convenience, …

2 years ago
Do I Need a License to Use Online Dealer Auto Auctions?

Savvy auto buyers have long known that dealer auctions present an incredible opportunity for getting a tremendous deal. However, gaining access to these auctions has long been quite a hassle. …

2 years ago updated 12/01/2017
Do I Need a Dealer’s License to Use Online Car Auctions?

When you’re looking to get the best deal possible on a used or salvage vehicle, your attention is necessarily going to turn toward dealer auctions. This makes perfect sense, as …

2 years ago updated 01/30/2018
Do You Need a License to Buy a Car: Access Dealer Auctions Without a Dealer’s License

It’s long been an open secret that the best way to get a deal on a used car is to participate in a dealer auction. These auctions have taken place for …

2 years ago updated 10/08/2018
How to Buy Salvage Cars Your Customers Actually Want

Just because it’s easy to buy salvage cars from online or in-person dealer auctions doesn’t mean that every used car dealer should just start stocking up the first chance they …

2 years ago updated 08/27/2017
What Happens to Used Cars Not Sold By Dealerships?

It’s no secret that there are a lot of used cars out there, with millions of them currently sitting on the lots of used car dealerships as you’re reading this. …

2 years ago updated 10/08/2018
How to Lease a New Car

When you’re in the market for a new car, there a number of different ways in which you can go about making your purchase. You can, of course, buy the …

2 years ago updated 07/30/2017
4 Rules for Making the Most of an Auto Dealer Auction

As you probably know, an auto dealer auction can be a great place to buy an affordable car. Just make sure you keep these four rules in mind.
Go to an Auto …

2 years ago updated 05/12/2017
4 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid at a Car Dealer Auction

If you’ve never taken advantage of a car dealer auction before, you have every reason to be excited about the prospect of finding the vehicle of your dreams at a …

2 years ago updated 08/27/2017