Car Finance

So you’ve found a vehicle you want, and now you need to think about paying for it. We have provided guides on getting car finance, and what you can expect for your money. Don’t always assume that bad credit excludes you from finance. There may be more options than you think.

Car Finance

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Financing a Used Car for Sale

The purchase of a used car can save you thousands of dollars, especially if you pay with cash; however, not everyone has enough cash on hand and needs help with …

3 months ago
Leasing Cars: What Are Car Subscriptions?

Over the years you have probably subscribed to a service, a newspaper or a magazine or a TV service. All this has become quite normal nowadays. But what if you …

4 months ago updated 01/09/2019
Dealerships vs Regular Subprime Financing

Subprime lenders mainly target borrowers with poor to bad credit and using a financial instrument referred to as a “subprime financing”. While there are a number of reasons why many …

7 months ago updated 07/17/2018
Car Financing Versus Ride Sharing

For for most people, owning a car is a necessity of modern life. However, not many people can afford to buy a car without financing. Worse still, not everyone can …

7 months ago updated 08/07/2018
Car Financing Versus Car Leasing

Buying a car is a big decision, especially when it comes to the financing options available to you. Well, that decision is also dependent on your credit score. If your …

8 months ago updated 07/22/2018
Financing Used Cars Versus New Cars

Have you recently graduated and have just landed your first ‘real’ job? Or perhaps you have come to the conclusion that public transportation is no longer your forte? Or maybe …

8 months ago
Subprime Car Financing Versus Prime Financing

The term ‘subprime auto loan’ means more or less the same as ‘bad credit car loan’. However, there is a slight difference in that subprime auto loans target borrowers whose …

10 months ago updated 04/29/2018
How To Repair Bad Credit

The journey towards credit recovery is long and riddled with tough decisions. Getting into bad credit does not require any effort. However, getting out of bad credit is like climbing …

10 months ago updated 07/24/2018
5 Steps to Getting an Auto Loan with Bad Credit

Your credit history contributes greatly to getting you approved for an auto loan. Lenders also use your credit history to determine the interest rates that you will be charged and …

10 months ago
Struggling to Get Financing? 6 Things You Need to Know About Buying a Car With a Bad Credit Score

Buying a car on bad credit can be a daunting task. This is because many lenders often shun subprime borrowers. A bad credit score is to many a harsh indictment …

10 months ago
7 Tips For Getting Bad Credit Auto Loans

Having a bad credit score does not lock you out of auto loans. In fact, what you might think is bad credit could be very ‘good’ credit to someone else. …

10 months ago
Buying A Used Car with A Bad Credit Rating

One of the things that you quickly realize when you have a bad credit is that financing opportunities are limited. Not many lenders want to touch a person with a …

10 months ago updated 04/10/2018
Securing Car Financing with Bad Credit

So, you have bad credit? Well, you are in good company. There are a lot of people in the world who have bad credit. This, however, does not mean that …

11 months ago
How Much Auto Financing Can I Get with Bad Credit?

Are you suffering from bad credit? Well, there is hope for you.
If you find yourself at a moment in your life in which you have to get a car loan, …

11 months ago
Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Car Financing Chances

Perhaps you are just recovering from a bad credit score. But you still carry the aftertaste of too many car loan applications being declined by nearly every lender you approached.
You …

11 months ago updated 04/12/2018