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Learn About Your Carrier’s Insurance Salvage Cars for Sale

Date: 09/05/2017|Category: Car Insurance, Salvage Cars

Have you ever had what you thought was a slight fender bender only to hear your insurance adjuster tell you that the car has to be totaled? Many of us are familiar with that scenario, and it is the first time we learn how insurance companies operate. Rather than invest in the repairs, they deem them too costly for the current value of the car, and so it is now salvaged. So, what do insurance companies do with the vehicles they deem unworthy of restoration? Interestingly, they end up among auctions of insurance salvage cars for sale, and it is typically …

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Planning for Insurance for Salvage Cars for Sale

Date: 09/04/2017|Category: Car Insurance

Everyone needs insurance to own a vehicle in this country. It’s the law and there’s no avoiding it. However, when it comes to insurance for salvage cars for sale, it’s not as straightforward as most people are used to. While you can find a lot of really great deals on these types of vehicles, it’s important that you not spend a nickel until you know how insurance for salvage cars for sale works. Otherwise, you could be pretty pleased with your purchase up until you find out how much it’s going to cost you to get insurance. You’re Going to Need to Repair …

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Can I Buy a Flooded Car and Then Fix it to Obtain a Title in Louisiana?

Date: 04/06/2017|Category: Buyer Tips, Car Insurance, Salvage Cars

Over the past several years, Louisiana has been decimated by various natural disasters, and tens of thousands of flooded cars have flooded the market. Owners of flooded cars who need their cars to get to and from work, and who have no other form of transportation, can apply for a modified title that makes the car temporarily legal to drive. In most cases, however, flooded cars are declared a total loss by the insurance company. They’re assigned a salvage title that can significantly lower their resale value, assuming they are able to be sold at all. It is possible to buy …

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Can I Buy a Flooded Car and Then Fix it to Obtain a Title in Mississippi

Date: 04/06/2017|Category: Buyer Tips, Car Insurance, Salvage Cars

Mississippi is home to some of the nation’s most diverse weather patterns, with hurricanes and swamps in the south, and beautiful, near-tropical forests in the north. While this makes Mississippi an ideal place to live or vacation, it also means the region is vulnerable to floods. Hurricanes, sudden downpours, and a climate that’s humid all year make flooded cars a common site in the marketplace. These cars pose a number of risks, and are not always a wise investment. In some cases, however, it’s possible to restore the vehicle enough to sell it for a profit. Here’s what you need to …

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Why is Comprehensive Insurance So Expensive? 

Date: 10/24/2015|Category: Car Insurance

If you’ve been driving for any length of time, you know that comprehensive insurance can cost you an arm and a leg. So why is it so expensive? And how can you lower your comprehensive insurance rates? It’s Expensive Because… Cars cost a lot to repair. If you’ve been in even a little fender-bender, you have some idea of how much it can cost to fix up minor body damage. Needless to say, insurance companies aren’t going to want to come good for such damage on any kind of regular basis. So, because someone else has had a little accident, your rates …

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