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Learn About Your Carrier’s Insurance Salvage Cars for Sale

Have you ever had what you thought was a slight fender bender only to hear your insurance adjuster tell you that the car has to be totaled? Many of us …

12 months ago
Planning for Insurance for Salvage Cars for Sale

Everyone needs insurance to own a vehicle in this country. It’s the law and there’s no avoiding it. However, when it comes to insurance for salvage cars for sale, it’s …

12 months ago
Can I Buy a Flooded Car and Then Fix it to Obtain a Title in Louisiana?

Over the past several years, Louisiana has been decimated by various natural disasters, and tens of thousands of flooded cars have flooded the market. Owners of flooded cars who need …

1 year ago updated 1 year ago
Can I Buy a Flooded Car and Then Fix it to Obtain a Title in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to some of the nation’s most diverse weather patterns, with hurricanes and swamps in the south, and beautiful, near-tropical forests in the north. While this makes Mississippi …

1 year ago updated 1 year ago
Why is Comprehensive Insurance So Expensive? 

If you’ve been driving for any length of time, you know that comprehensive insurance can cost you an arm and a leg. So why is it so expensive? And how …

3 years ago updated 1 year ago
What to Do if Your Car is Written Off?

Your car was totaled and you don’t think that the insurance company is offering you enough money for the vehicle. Believe it or not, the settlement isn’t etched in stone, …

3 years ago updated 1 year ago
What If a Car Without Comprehensive Insurance Is Stolen?

Imagine this scenario. Your car is parked outside your home. You didn’t bother with insurance, because you weren’t driving it. Now, it’s been stolen. Can you do anything to recover …

3 years ago updated 1 year ago
What Does Bonded Title Mean, and Why Would I Need One?

What is a bonded title? A bonded title is a certificate that verifies that you own a motor vehicle. It allows you to register or sell the vehicle, and buy …

3 years ago updated 2 months ago
Restoring a Salvage Car: From Written Off to Roadworthy 

Not every salvage car ends up being turned into scrap. In fact, quite a few of these vehicles end up being brought back from death to be driven once more …

3 years ago updated 12 months ago
Salvage Cars and Insurance Companies

If you’re restoring a salvage car with an eye to getting it registered in your own name so you can drive it, you’re going to have to comply with all …

3 years ago updated 3 weeks ago
How To Restore, Rebuild and Re-Insure a Salvage Car?

Salvage cars represent fantastic opportunities to anyone looking to get a used car at a low price. However, these types of cars need to be restored, rebuilt, and then re-insured …

3 years ago updated 1 year ago
7 Questions for Your Insurance Agent if Your Car is Totaled 

The chances of your vehicle being totaled after an accident are about one in five. What does it mean when your car is totaled? There are seven questions that you should ask …

3 years ago updated 1 year ago
Why Do Insurance Companies Hate Salvage Cars?

Almost everyone loves salvage cars, especially when it comes to buying them cheap and restoring them into working condition. A well-rebuilt salvage car can be every inch as reliable and …

3 years ago updated 7 months ago
How To Rebuild and Insure Your Own Salvage Car?

Buying a salvage car at an auction can be a dream come true for hobbyist mechanics. At the same time, navigating the laws regulating salvage vehicles can all too easily …

3 years ago updated 12 months ago
How to Insure Your Salvage Car?

You’ve got this amazing car that you bought as salvage from a used car auction. You’ve spent a long time restoring to a very high standard, and you’ve followed the …

3 years ago updated 1 year ago