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Car Rebuilding and Title Rules for Alaska

By Mike Richards Updated: 08/28/2017 Posted: 10/28/2015

Reconstructed vehicles in Alaska are those that have been changed or altered from the original construction by adding, removing, or changing out vital parts. These parts, considered vital, include the chassis, body, and engine. However, if someone is only replacing the engine, it is not considered a reconstructed vehicle.

In Alaska, a home-built trailer refers to any trailer made by an individual, or several people, and not an actual manufacturer. These could be considered commercial or non-commercial based on their usage.

What Do People Need to Do to Register and Title Reconstructed or Homebuilt Vehicles?

They need to surrender the title from any vehicle from which the frame or chassis VIN (vehicle identification number) was attained. In addition, invoices and bills of sale for major parts that were used in the reconstruction also need to be surrendered to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

The vehicle will also need to go through an inspection conducted by an officer of the law, or from a DMV representative. During the inspection, they will verify the VIN and the identity of the vehicle. This assures them that the rebuilder did not use any stolen parts during the reconstruction of the vehicle. Since the owner will need to take the vehicle to their inspection location, they are allowed to get a one-way permit through the DMV that allows them to go to the inspection site.

If there are any liens on the vehicle records with the DMV, the owner will need to get lien releases. In addition, they will need to complete Form 829, Reconstructed Vehicle Affidavit. If they are building a homemade trailer, they need to complete Form 819, Homebuilt Trailer Affidavit. It is important to note that the affidavit needs to be notarized and executed by the people who reconstructed or built the vehicle. In the case of home-built trailers, they will also need to have a weight slip.

These are the current basic laws and regulations for registering and titling reconstructed and home-built vehicles in Alaska. Find information on Rebuilt Title Laws for Other US States.

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