What is Salvage title? US States Rebuilt Title Rules

Car Rebuilding and Title Rules for Arizona – Level 3 Inspection AZ

By Mike Richards Updated: 06/01/2022 Posted: 10/28/2015

If a vehicle has been damaged in an accident or has been declared a total loss for any other reason, it will receive a salvage title and go through Level 3 Inspection AZ. This title from the Motor Vehicle Division in Arizona and ADOT means that the vehicle is no longer suitable for use on the roadways, and in fact, it is illegal to drive the vehicle on the road.

Just because the vehicle has a salvage title does not mean that it is the end of the car’s life. There is always the possibility of restoring the vehicle to get a restored salvage title.


What Is a Restored Salvage Title?

A restored salvage title shows that the vehicle was previously branded as salvage, but has undergone restoration and has been inspected to authorize it is ready for the road. The Motor Vehicles Division will determine whether the car is fit for the restored salvage title or not by performing an inspection.


Getting a Level III Inspection

The goal of the MVD is to ensure safety for the vehicles on the road and to reduce the amount of auto theft. Therefore, those who have salvaged vehicles they’ve restored will need to go through a Level III inspection, which will verify that all of the major parts and components that were used in the vehicle have not been stolen.

This includes the front assembly, the engine, and the transmission. For trucks and similar vehicles, it will also include the rear-end assembly. The vehicle also needs to meet all of the requirements for driving safely on the road. This means the vehicle needs to be in good working order.


What Do You Need for the Inspection?

You need strict enforcement of the next requirements and proof of ownership of the vehicle. This is usually in the form of a salvage title. A valid driver’s license and receipts/invoices of all parts used in the restoration and repair of the vehicle. The receipts need to contain certain information including a description of the vehicle from which the parts were removed – VIN number, year, make, and model.


You also need the name, address, and signature of the person or the company that sold the part. As well as the driver’s license number of private individuals that sold the part. If the part was obtained through a company, you will need their tax identification number on the receipt.


When you are applying for a restored salvage title, you will need to make an appointment with one of the MVD offices that are able to carry out Level III inspections. If applicable, you will also need to get an emissions compliance certificate.

At that point, you will surrender the salvage title, and pay the $4 title fee, and the registration fees. The current cost for an inspection is $50. But this can change, so check with the Arizona MVD for the latest fees.

The new title will state it’s a restored salvage and will bear this henceforth.

If you are selling the vehicle, Arizona law requires you to disclose to the buyer that it’s a salvage vehicle.


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