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How to Titling a Car from Auto Auction Illinois & Rebuilding Car DMV Rules and Transfer Title

By Mike Richards Updated: 08/01/2022 Posted: 10/28/2015

Vehicles in Illinois that have been in accidents or have somehow suffered damage and have an SOS status that would make it costlier to repair than the current market value for the vehicle, could be declared salvage and issued a salvage title by the state. The current cost of a salvage title is $4. When a vehicle transfers its title to salvage in DMV, you will not be able to drive it on the roads. However, there could still be hope for the vehicle. What are the Illinois car title rules?


Repairing a Salvage Vehicle in Illinois

In Illinois, you are not allowed to rebuild and reconstruct a salvage vehicle on your own. Instead, you need to go through one of the licensed rebuilders who can perform the repairs and make it roadworthy. Once the vehicle is rebuilt, you’ve completed the first step in getting a rebuilt title.

However, you will need to have the vehicle pass a safety inspection at an IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) Safety Testing Lane. If it passes the safety inspection, the vehicle may need to go through another inspection conducted by the Illinois State Police.

This is not a safety inspection though, and it only applies to vehicles that are eight model years old or newer (renew). During this inspection, the police are checking if the vehicle, or the parts that were used for its reconstruction, have been stolen.

You will need to provide several documents before the inspection takes place.

You need to include a salvage certificate in the name of the rebuilder as it appears on their license, a completed application, a salvage affirmation that identifies all of the parts that were used in the reconstruction of the vehicle, invoices, and bills of sale for those parts, the IDOT safety inspection report, and a valid driver’s license.

The current cost of the inspection is $94, payable by check or money order to the Secretary of State. The fee for the rebuilt title is $95, also payable by check or money order to the Secretary of State. If you do not provide the fees or the documentation, they will not perform the inspection.

At the time of the inspection, some of the parts may be removed for a full examination of the vehicle. Some of the things that they will likely check during the inspection include the public VIN, the transmission number, body number, federal stickers, engine number, and frame number.


Where Are the Salvage Vehicle Inspection Stations Located?

Currently, there are three stations located around the state that offer these inspections.

  • Villa Park, 103 W. Roosevelt Road, Villa Park, IL 60181, Phone: (630) 693-0551
  • Springfield, 3710 Winchester Road, Springfield, IL 62707, Phone: (217) 557-2088
  • Belleville, 400 W. Main St., Belleville, IL 62220, Phone: (618) 236-8755

After you have completed all of the inspections for the vehicle, fill out all of the paperwork. Pay all of the fees, register the vehicle and get it back on the road. Provided you have insurance coverage.

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