What is Salvage title? US States Rebuilt Title Rules

Car Rebuilding and Title Rules for Louisiana

By Mike Richards Updated: 08/23/2022 Posted: 10/28/2015

According to the state of Louisiana, a vehicle that has damage equal to or greater than 75% of the market value of the vehicle is to be a salvage vehicle. Before it can operate on the highways again, it needs to be rebuilt or restored and provided with a reconstructed title.


What Are the Requirements for Louisiana Car Title?

After you go through the process of rebuilding the vehicle, you need to provide the state with a number of different forms.

You will need to have one of the following types of salvage/reconstructed title documents:

  • a Louisiana salvage vehicle title;
  • original certificate of salvage (not duplicate), out of state salvage title;
  • notarized bills of sale that show a chain of ownership.


If the title is un-repairable, then you will not be able to get a new reconstructed title for the vehicle.

You will also need to provide an Affidavit of Physical Inspection. The inspection is done by a Department of Public Safety and Corrections certified law enforcement officer. Along with the Office of the State Police, DMV, and OMV to conduct inspections of the motor vehicles.


They will be looking at the major component parts that have been used in the restoration of the vehicle.

They want to ensure that they have not been stolen and that all of the documentation supporting them is correct.

Also, you will have to have a bill of sale for the vehicle, as well as an Application for a Salvage Reconstructed Motor Vehicle. The form will include owner information, vehicle information, rebuilder information, a statement of the repairs that shows what was repaired on the vehicle, and a Disclosure of Salvage/Reconstructed/Water Damaged/Hail Damaged. If you do not provide this disclosure, they will reject the file.


You will also need a reconstructed parts list.


The list should have all of the major parts used in the reconstruction. Includes whether the part was removed from another vehicle, and the VIN of the vehicle if that is the case. Along with the person from whom you bought the other part and the date of the purchase, and if there were no major component parts used in the rebuild.


You have to show a bill of sale for all of the major parts used in the reconstruction. If a receipt is not available, you will have to submit a notarized affidavit.


You will also need to submit the application for the title (Form DPSMV 1799), and the fees and taxes. You can contact the motor vehicle department to find out the current fees.


After you have completed all of the processes and provided all of the paperwork, you will then receive a rebuilt title and register the vehicle. This allows your vehicle on the highways again, provided you have insurance coverage.


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