What is Salvage title? US States Rebuilt Title Rules

Car Rebuilding and Title Rules for Nevada

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/29/2015

Vehicles in Nevada that have salvage titles can potentially be restored to good working order and provided a rebuilt title so they can get back on the road. However, there are three different designations for salvage in Nevada, and it is important to understand the differences between them.

A salvage vehicle that is a total loss means that the cost to repair the damage to the vehicle, not including painting, would be more than 65% of the market value of the vehicle. If the damage is less than 65%, then it is not considered a salvaged vehicle.

Salvage vehicles that are flood damaged are those that have been submerged in water that was higher than the door sill, and the water entered the engine compartment, passenger area, or trunk and has contacted the electrical system. A salvage vehicle deemed non-repairable is one that can only be used for scrap metal or for parts.

If the vehicle is ten model years old or older, they are not always considered salvage, as long as the only repairs needed are limited to certain areas. These include the hood, and the trunk lid, and up to two other areas including the doors, bumper assembly, headlight or taillight assembly, or the grill assembly. If they require more repairs, then the aforementioned 65% rule comes into play.

Restoring the Vehicle

If the vehicle that you are restoring is five model years old or newer, it will need to go through an inspection at a Nevada DMV inspection station first to complete the Authorization for Vehicle Restoration.

The vehicles cannot be restored, titled, or registered until this process is complete. If the vehicle is six model years old or older, then you will not need to complete this step.

The vehicle needs to be repaired through a garage, body shop, or rebuilder that is capable of repairing the vehicle to the common standards set forth by the auto repair industry. If adding airbags and seatbelts, they need to be up to the standards of the federal law.

The business that does the repairs also needs to keep records of the repair including information about the parts, including the VIN. After the repairs are complete, a Nevada registered garage, licensed body shop or licensed rebuilder needs to complete the Certificate of Inspection.

When this is complete, you will be able to get the title and register the vehicle. Keep in mind that all of the future titles will be branded and have the word rebuilt in the title. The brand will stay with the vehicle for life, and this is to ensure that any future buyers are aware that they are purchasing a vehicle that was formerly a salvage vehicle.

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