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What is Salvage title? US States Rebuilt Title Rules

Car Rebuilding and Title Rules for New Hampshire – Manchester NH DMV & Nashua NH RMV address

By Mike Richards Updated: 06/29/2022 Posted: 10/29/2015

When an insurance company declares a vehicle as a total loss in New Hampshire, the owner of the vehicle or the insurance company will need to fill out an Application for a Salvage Certificate, and pay a $10 fee, via check or money order, to the State of NH DMV.

They will also need to have the original title of the vehicle. At this point, they will provide you with a salvage title certificate, which serves as proof of ownership. The vehicle cannot be registered, titled, or driven on the roads until it has been rebuilt and goes through a salvage inspection.

Rebuilding and Getting the Salvage Inspection

After rebuilding the vehicle, the vehicle will need to go through a salvage inspection. Only certain facilities offer these inspections, and only during certain times. This review of interstate DMV addresses will be helpful for you.

  • Concord – First and Third Tuesday of the month at the NH Division of Motor Vehicles, Stephen E. Merrill Building, 23 Hazen Dr. Concord, NH 03305 from 9 AM to 1 PM.
  • Dover Point – Mondays only at the Division of Motor Vehicles Substation, Boston Harbor Road, Dover, NH DMV from 12 PM to 2 PM.
  • Keene – Fourth Friday of each month at Route 9 State Police Barracks/DMV from 8 AM to 12 PM.
  • Manchester NH DMV – Wednesdays only at the Substation – Manchester Commons, 377 S. Willow St., Manchester, NH in the back parking lot from 8 AM to 12 PM.
  • Nashua NH RMV DMV – Mondays only at 110 Broad St., Nashua, NH 03064 from 8 AM to 10 AM hours.
  • Tamworth – Second Friday of each month at the DMV Substation, State Police Troop E, Rt. 16, Tamworth, NH from 8 AM to 12 PM.
  • Twin Mountain – Third Monday of each month at the DMV Substation, State Police Troop F, Route 302, Twin Mountain, NH from 8 AM to 12 PM.

You will need to bring the vehicle that needs the inspection, along with a check or money order made out to New Hampshire DMV for $50 to cover the inspection fee, and proof of ownership. This could be the salvage certificate or a letter provided by the DMV.

You also need to bring along with you the insurance adjuster’s report, and other documentation that shows the vehicle is a total loss, along with proof that the vehicle has been rebuilt and is safe for operation on the highways.

The vehicle can be brought to the inspection site on a flatbed truck. It can be driven to the location using a temporary pass good for 20 days. After passing the inspection, they will add a salvaged detail to the vehicle, and provide the owner with a salvage vehicle identification number verification report.

At that point, you will be able to go to the town clerk’s office and register the vehicle. Also, apply for the new title. The title will have the term rebuilt vehicle on it, and this will appear on all of the subsequent titles.

In addition, the vehicle will need to go through a safety inspection within ten days of being registered. This will ensure that the vehicle is safe enough to operate on the roads.

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