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What is Salvage title? US States Rebuilt Title Rules

NJ Motor Vehicle Inspection: Rebuilding and Title Rules for Salvage Cars in New Jersey

By Mike Richards Updated: 06/02/2022 Posted: 10/29/2015

In New Jersey, many different vehicles are designated as special, which means they have varying processes and locations for titling. Among these are vehicles holding NJ salvage titles. Let’s figure out what a salvage car is in New Jersey and what role does NJ motor vehicle inspection play? What do you need to register a salvage car in NJ?


Salvage Title Cars

Those who need a salvage title issued will receive their title through Motor Vehicles Commission offices (NJ motor vehicle inspection).


To get an NJ salvage title with a stolen stop associated with it, you will need to provide specific documentation to the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission. Includes a letter or listing from the insurance company, on their letterhead. Explains title is for a recovered theft vehicle and the insurance company requires the salvage title to close the claim.


You also need a letter from the insurance company that explains the type of loss. Along with the year, make, model, and serial number of the vehicle, and the owner’s name. Must include the actual cash value of the car on the insurance listing sheet. As well as a copy of the police report. Also, the original New Jersey title, and a completed power of attorney in those cases that require it.


Central Office Titles

The central office in Trenton can provide special vehicle titles. These include glider kids and vehicles that are missing the VIN. As well as vehicles registered to the Military, and reconstructed vehicles. You can learn more about registering a car in NJ and available titles by calling the central office at 888-486-3339.


Application for NJ Salvage Title Certificate

Those who need to apply for an NJ salvage title certificate will need to complete an Application for Salvage Certificate of Title, and the application needs to include the original certificate of title. The current fees for the salvage title are $60, or $85 if there is a car lien registered


The application requires information about the vehicle, as well as personal information. You will need to include the vehicle identification number, the body type, year, make, model, and color. You also need to add the odometer reading.


They also require the owner’s name and address, along with their driver’s license number. If there is a co-owner, the application will need to include their information as well. If there is a lien holder on the vehicle, the applicant will need to add their name, address, and 15-digit corpcode.


The application also includes a section where you will write a statement about the vehicle. This statement should state how you acquired the car. As well as the type of loss suffered, which made it a total loss. The owner, and the co-owner (if applicable), then need to sign and date the bottom of the application before submitting it.


What Steps Do You Need to Take for the Repairs?

You have to make sure you take photographs before and after the repairs. The photos need to be in color and bright, and they cannot cut off any part of the vehicle. You will need to have at least one photograph of the entire front and left side of the car. And one photo of the rear and right side of the vehicle. Remember, that you need to have these pictures taken before and after the repairs, so you will need to have at least four quality photos in all.


You also need to have the bill of sale for all of the major components used in the reconstruction of the vehicle. Each of the bills of sale needs to include the name and address of both the buyer and the seller, as well as the date of purchase and the price of the component. When it comes to new parts, you will need to have the bill of sale that includes the description of the part as well as the part number.


For used vehicles, the bills of sale need to have more information, including a full description of the part, the date the part was removed or dismantled, the name and address of the person that removed the part, the year, make, and model, and the vehicle identification number.


Major parts include the engine, transmission, front and rear bumper, the fenders, hood or engine cover, doors, quarter panels, tailgate, hatchback, decklid, roof, cowl, frame, and apron or shock tower.


New Jersey car Inspection

Owners will then need to fill out a Salvage Inspection Application, and include a check or money order to the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission (NJ motor vehicles inspection stations). The fee for inspection of motorcycles is currently $100. The current price for a vehicle inspection is $200. It is nonrefundable and expires after a year. You can submit your application or pay by mail at NJ MVC 225 E. State Street, PO Box 017, Trenton, NJ, 08666-0017.


You can call any inspection site to set up your appointment. These websites listed on the application form. If you are late or have missed your appointment, you will have to reapply for inspection and pay the fee again. Be sure to fax a copy of your salvage title, a copy of the application form, and VINs to the office you will visit.


You have to have all of the following documentation with you at the inspection: NJ salvage title in your name, a copy of the application form, bills of sale, photographs, work order that shows the repairs, VINs for new and used parts list, along with detailed descriptions.


If the vehicle has flood damage, you need to have a damage report from the insurance company. For a theft recovery vehicle, you will need to have a theft report from the agency that recovered it.


If they can meet all of the requirements and pass the inspection, it is possible to have the title converted to an operable salvage title. The inspections will generally take about an hour, and the owner is not able to observe the inspection.


Once you complete the process, and the vehicle passes inspection, you can get the new title for the car and start driving it on the roads, provided that you obtain insurance coverage.


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