What is Salvage title? US States Rebuilt Title Rules

Car Rebuilding and Title Rules for Oklahoma

By Mike Richards Updated: 08/11/2022 Posted: 10/29/2015

In Oklahoma, the insurance companies will declare a total loss and deem a vehicle as salvage when the damage is greater than 60% of the fair market value of the vehicle. At that point, it will receive a salvage title from the state, and you will not be able to drive the vehicle on the roads.


Inspections and Paperwork

Those who have salvage vehicles that they want to get back into roadworthy shape will be able to do so, as long as they follow the processes set forth by the Oklahoma government.

After getting the vehicle rebuilt, it will likely need to undergo a rebuilt vehicle inspection, which has to be conducted by a Motor License Agent before it can receive a new title and get back on the roads. However, if the vehicle is more than ten model years old, it will not need to have an inspection to bring the vehicle out of salvage.

The owner will need to complete a Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Request (Form 788-B), and then submit it to the Motor License Agent. In some cases, there may be an assigned serial number needed, which the owner can get through the Oklahoma Commission Motor Vehicle Division, Title Section. This number will need to be permanently affixed to the vehicle before you can get an inspection.

After you fill out the application, the Motor License Agent will provide you with the date, time, and location of the inspection.

This will occur within ten days of making the request. In many cases, the inspection will take place at the rebuilder’s site. If it does not take place at the rebuilding site, the Motor License Agent will provide an Authorization for Travel and Inspection (Form 788-C). This will allow you to travel to and from the inspection site.

The inspection will compare the vehicle’s VIN number and the number on the documents and will look for potential fraud or theft. They will make sure that all of the parts in the vehicle were legal.

The agents will check the odometer to look for signs of alteration or rollback.

The inspector will also review the salvage title and the receipts for all replacement parts that went into the rebuild. They will also check to ensure the owner has at least liability insurance on the vehicle as a minimum.


Getting Back on the Road

The owner needs to provide the Motor License Agent with the salvage title, receipts for all of the parts used in the vehicle’s repair, and proof of liability insurance. If the vehicle fails the inspection, you will not be able to receive a rebuilt title. When the vehicle does pass the inspection, you can get the rebuilt title and register the vehicle so you can get it back on the road. As long as you get insurance coverage.

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