What is Salvage title? US States Rebuilt Title Rules

South Dakota Vehicle Registration, Car Rebuilding and Title Rules for State and Auctions

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/28/2022 Posted: 10/29/2015

In South Dakota, if a vehicle has been declared a total loss by the insurance company due to collision, fire, vandalism, weather, submersion in water, or flood it will need to have a salvage title attached to it. If the insurance company takes ownership of the vehicle, they will get a salvage title for the vehicle, and sell it, usually by auction. If the owner wants to keep the vehicle, they will have to get a salvage title before they sell the vehicle. South Dakota car auctions offer a lot of salvage vehicles and if you decided to get one to your estate collection from auction, for example from Vanderbrink auctioneer, better to know all rules about salvage and rebuild titles. Why do you need South Dakota titles to go to DMV?

In South Dakota, salvaged titles are only necessary if the vehicle is less than six years old.  Or if the vehicle is less than 16,000 pounds. After you have the salvage title, you can sell or transfer the title, or you can do as many owners choose and rebuild the vehicle.


Rebuilding the Vehicle

When you rebuild the vehicle, you need to make sure it is safe and in good operating condition before you apply for a rebuilt title through the state. Once you are sure the vehicle is in shape, you can fill out the Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration (Form MV-608).

The form requires you to fill out the information about the vehicle’s make and model, the VIN, owner information, dealer price certification, and more. The form is only two pages, but there are many sections you need to fill out, so make sure you go over the application thoroughly before turning it in.

You will also need to complete the Affidavit for Rebuilt Vehicles (Form MV-950). This form requires information on the make, year, serial number, model, and style of the body of the vehicle.

It also requires that you write a statement on everything done to repair the vehicle.

You also need to disclose where you purchased the vehicle. Was it registered in South Dakota SD or another state previously?

The application needs to be notarized or witnessed by the county treasurer.

After completing the application, the vehicle will still need to be inspected. Either the Department of Revenue and Regulation or the Highway Patrol will be able to conduct the inspection. They want to make sure that all parts used in the vehicle legally.

Be sure to save all of the receipts for the parts, as well as the repairs, and attach them to the registration.

South Dakota vehicle registration rules are clear. You can get a new title and register at the county treasurer’s office in your area. If you are not going to be present to register the vehicle, you will need to complete a Power of Attorney (Form MV-008), and provide it to the person who will be signing the registration.

Make sure that you have all of the receipts, the inspection certificate, and the salvage title with you when you go to the office, and be ready to pay the fee, which can vary, so check with the office for the fees before you go.

After you have taken care of the paperwork, you will receive your registration and your new plates. You will then receive your new rebuilt title, which currently costs $5. Then, you will be able to drive the vehicle on the roads without worry once you get insurance coverage.

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