What is Salvage title? US States Rebuilt Title Rules

Wyoming Car Auction Rebuilding and Title Rules

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/29/2015

In Wyoming, a vehicle that has a salvage title cannot be driven or registered. Before you can start to repair the vehicle, you need to have the salvage certificate in your name. This also applies cars from any Wyoming auto auction.

When you apply for the salvage title, you will need to surrender the current title, and you need to provide evidence of the damage to the vehicle. This could include a letter from the insurance company, or a law enforcement accident report.

When you receive the title, it will have the word salvage on it, or the work non-repairable. If the words non-repairable are on the title, it means you can never repair it to get it on the road, and you would be better off junking the vehicle instead.

Rebuilding and a Rebuilt Title

After you have the salvage title, you can start the repairs on the vehicle. You need to make sure that you have the vehicle in good operable condition, and that you document all of the parts used in the reconstruction. Keep the receipts and bills of sale as well, and make sure you have information about the major components that you or the rebuilder used when reconstructing the vehicle.

After the repairs are completed, you will fill out the Branded Title Disclosure (Form MV-602). This form is where you will disclose all of the damage that the vehicle sustained, along with the name and address of the garage or rebuilder who reconstructed the vehicle.

After they investigate your application, they will send you a certificate of approval and a decal for the vehicle. This decal has the words “rebuilt from salvage” on it and you need to affix it to the vehicle in the appropriate spot.

You then need to have a vehicle inspection conducted by a law enforcement officerThey will check to make sure you placed the decal in the right position, and they will make sure the VIN matches. They will also check to make sure the vehicle is safe and fit for the road.

When you pass the inspection, you will take it and your original title to the local county clerk’s office and turn them in to get your new title. This title will include the words “rebuilt from salvage” just like the decal and it will stay on the title for the life of the vehicle. Then, you can register the vehicle and drive it, provided that you get insurance coverage.

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