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Not sure which vehicle to buy? With such a large selection to choose from, it’s good to get a bit of guidance if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We take a look at some of the most popular new and used vehicles on sale right now.

Car Reviews

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Exploring the 2024 Toyota C-HR: A Fusion of Style, Efficiency, and Safety in a Hybrid SUV

When it comes to hybrid SUVs, the 2024 Toyota C-HR is a great choice, particularly catering to the needs of city dwellers. This crossover seamlessly combines style, efficiency, and safety, …

3 weeks ago
Top Used Car Models for Texas: Weather-Ready and Terrain-Tough

Regarding the Lone Star State, its vast landscapes and diverse weather conditions demand vehicles that are reliable and well-suited for the unique challenges Texas presents. 

For those seeking used car models …

3 months ago
Top 5 Affordable Used Hybrids for 2023 Under $15,000

In today’s world, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. One of the best ways to do this is to drive a hybrid car. …

5 months ago
5 Cars With The Most Reliable Engine to Have as Your Next Ride

Choosing a car with a reliable engine is crucial for any driver, whether you’re driving to work or going on a long road trip. A dependable engine can provide peace …

6 months ago
Car Review: What is new in the 2023 Honda Pilot

For most families, the SUV is the vehicle of choice due mostly to features like 3rd-row seating, more cargo space, and AWD/4WD functions that give better traction and drive control. …

10 months ago updated 05/19/2023
What’s New in 2023? 10 Upcoming Cars Models To Look Out For

The year 2022 was a great year for cars after the world emerged from the gloomy Covid and also, the shocking aftermath of the lockdown like the shortage of semiconductor …

11 months ago updated 02/02/2023
5 Best Used Cars for City Driving That Fit Your Budget

Living in the city and owning a car can be nerve-wracking for some drivers. When you consider the busy roads and impatient drivers, it becomes easy to see why. Dents, …

1 year ago
Top 10 Best Selling SUVs in 2022 so Far

Best Selling SUVs 2022…

Are you an offroader?…Or do you just love vehicles with extra cargo or passenger space and comfortable ground clearance that lets you worry less about bumps and …

1 year ago updated 06/12/2023
8 Smallest Subcompact SUVs in the 2022 Auto Market 

When it comes to vehicles, would you say the good things come in big or small sizes? Most will say big but that’s not always the case.
Small cars are a …

1 year ago updated 05/19/2023
Are You a Mini Lover? 2023 Mini Cooper Model Changes

Are you a Mini Cooper fan? Probably since watching “The Italian Job” 

The 2023 Mini has a wide range of new special editions and changes offered by the automaker across the …

1 year ago
5 “Boring” Cars That Can Make You a Fortune at the Car Auctions

Vehicles tend to depreciate over time but in very rare cases they increase in value. There are many classics that easily rack up millions of dollars in auctions… cars like …

1 year ago
Is KIA EV 6 Worth Your Money? Pros and Cons!

Muscle cars, V8 engines…. gas guzzlers are generally loved by people who like the feel of raw engine power and quick acceleration in their automobiles. But gas prices today are …

1 year ago
Top 8 4-Cylinder Used Cars You Should Consider Buying in Auctions

Shopping for a new ride on a tight budget? No worries, we’ve got you covered.
Years back four-cylinder vehicles were associated with being underpowered. But modern four-cylinder vehicles are breaking the …

1 year ago
5 Cheapest Muscle Cars in 2022 You Can Find at a Used Car Auction.

Muscle car Or Exotic Car, which do you prefer??
The raw power and deep throttle sound that muscle cars are known for are a few of the reasons why many people …

1 year ago
Top 6 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold in a Car Auction

Collectors and enthusiasts are willing to spend millions on rare classic cars. It makes you begin to wonder if truly cars are depreciating assets. Maybe – or maybe not. 
Some lose …

1 year ago updated 07/26/2022