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Not sure which vehicle to buy? With such a large selection to choose from, it’s good to get a bit of guidance if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We take a look at some of the most popular new and used vehicles on sale right now.

Car Reviews

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3 Ways to Find the Best Deal on a Used Toyota Corolla in Kentucky

The Toyota Corolla debuted in 1966. Since then Toyota has sold over 40 million of these cars. Toyota made significant changes to the design of the Toyota Corolla in 2003. …

4 months ago
3 Ways to Find the Best Deal on a Used Toyota Corolla in Florida

Before you buy a used Toyota Corolla in Florida, you need to consider the price. Having an idea about the cost of the vehicle will help you to prepare your …

4 months ago
Buying a Used Ford F-150: What You Need to Know

The F-150 is the most popular model in the Ford F-series, which has been in the market since 1947. It may be difficult to pick which specific version of the …

4 months ago updated 12/11/2018
Buying a Used Ford Explorer: What You Need to Know

The Ford Explorer has for years competed favorably against other SUVs. It is a favorite of many SUV drivers. When buying a used Ford Explorer, a good understanding of the …

4 months ago
The 15 Most Reliable Cars on the Road Today

The reliability of modern-day vehicles has certainly reached new levels. However, it would be quite irresponsible to state that every modern-day car is reliable. Manufacturers are looking for improvements in …

4 months ago updated 01/07/2019
The 15 Greatest Toyotas Ever Built

Toyota is a prestigious car manufacturing firm with its main plant in the technology-embracing country of Japan. The brand has for years made a name with its game-changing automobiles. Toyota …

5 months ago updated 12/04/2018
The New Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the New Mazda 6 and the Lexus ES Win Top Safety Awards

On January 1st 2018, the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) started evaluating cars coming into Australia and New Zealand. The safety awards tests are based on:

Adult Occupant Protection (AOP)
Child …

5 months ago
Car Brands in Nigeria: Why Honda and Toyota are in High Demand

The gloomy economic outlook in Nigeria might have affected a lot of industries and sectors. However, recent statistics clearly confirms the car-loving nature of many Nigerians. This is hardly surprising …

6 months ago updated 01/09/2019
Subaru Crosstrek Review

The History of the Subaru Crosstrek
How did the Subaru Crosstrek come about? The Japanese car maker Subaru has produced the Impreza model since 1992. The car is well known and …

6 months ago
6 Efficient, Reliable and Suitable Cars for Ghana

There are plenty of variables to take into account when buying a car in Ghana. However, there is a couple of factors that stand out. Reliability, efficiency, and suitability for …

6 months ago
2017 Kia Sorento Review

The second-largest car manufacturer in South Korea, the Kia Motor Corporation, has built a midsize SUV to match those offered by luxury brands. This SUV is the Sorento, now in …

6 months ago
Reviewing the Cadillac Escalade

The History
The Escalade is by Cadillac, a General Motors (GM) company. The vehicle is classed as a full-size luxury SUV. Although it does look more like a truck from its …

6 months ago
Used 2014 BMW 5 Series Review

If you are looking for a car that will marry comfort and luxury together in one, the 2014 BMW 5 Series is the way to go. BMW has manufactured its …

7 months ago updated 01/07/2019
Used 2011 Nissan Murano Review

SUVs are becoming more and more popular as the years pass by and for good reason too. The sport utility vehicle can offer you more room than a traditional sedan …

7 months ago updated 09/24/2018
2017 Used Nissan Altima Review

Nissan is a well-known and loved brand that makes highly-sought after vehicles that sport power, reliability, and rank top in consumer reviews. The brand has built much of its reputation …

7 months ago updated 10/08/2018