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Choosing the Right Used Electric Cars for Sale at Auction

Date: 05/22/2017 |Category: Buyer Tips

There are many different types of auction cars for sale all across the world at any moment. However, this year is bringing something almost unheard of to the world of car auctions: used electric cars for sale at wholesale prices. As leases from the electric car boom of 2013-2014 come due, more and more electric vehicles are hitting the auctions. Here’s how to choose the right electric car for you if you’re considering checking out this affordable way to go green.

The Most Popular Models

You won’t be seeing every type of electric car hit the auctions this year, but some of the most commonly leased cars included the Kia Soul, the Tesla, the Ford Focus Electric, the Fiat500e, the Chevrolet Spark, and the BMW i3, Nissan. A few of these cars offer great resell value, while some really aren’t dropping that much from their brand new price.

Tesla, for example, has the market on used Teslas nearly cornered, so they can afford to keep prices as high as $30,000 or more for a pre-owned car. The Fiat500e is routinely selling at wholesale prices around $4,000, while a used model Blue Books between $10,000 and $12,000. Unless you are convinced that you need the bells and whistles of the Tesla, the Fiat may be the better choice for the best value.

Things to Consider

If you haven’t already done your research on auction cars for sale in the listing of electric range, you need to know a couple of things:

  • The range on these cars is still frequently under 50 miles on just electric alone. The Tesla models get the best mileage range, with around 200 miles per charge being the norm. Compared to that, Fiat’s 87 miles to a charge feels very small.
  • You will have the added expense of a charging station if you leave the house every day. An electric car typically must charge for at least 12 hours on a regular electrical outlet to be ready to drive. A charging station will let you charge up overnight, but costs up to $1,200 to install.
  • Electric car batteries are still in their infancy. Right now, these batteries are expected to last around 10 years, and many of these pre-leased vehicles seen as auction cars for sale are nearing six years old already.
  • Most electric cars are not quite big enough to support a large family. In focusing on keeping things light and efficient, electric car designers have steered away from the minivans for now.

If you are keeping all of this in mind, and you’ve found an electric car for sale at an auction for a steal, then what’s stopping you? While we are sure to see better advancements in electric car design in the future, the fact is that those who wished they could be early adopters are excited to try out used electric cars now. Stock up your lot by watching online auction cars for sale. Explore our vehicle auctions, as well as finding more information about how these auctions work.

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