Are There Competitors to Copart and Manheim Car Auction Online?

By Mike Richards Updated: 06/08/2018 Posted: 06/02/2017

As automobile prices in every car dealership company have only continued to go up and up, consumers have been hard pressed to find avenues through which they can save on vehicles. Of course, consumers have more options than they might expect, particularly if they turn their attention toward dealer auctions as Manheim car auctions.

Through market of dealer auctions, it’s possible to bid on both new and salvage cars. What’s more is that these auctions make it possible to save thousands of dollars on the value of a vehicle. Of course, there’s one big catch when it comes to most dealer auctions: they’re closed to the public and you have to be a licensed dealer to attend.

Now, things have changed in recent years due to the Internet. It’s now possible to access dealer auctions online through services like Copart and Manheim. However, the same old problem persists with these services. Namely, you need to be a licensed dealer in order to participate in the auctions they offer.

There is one way around this for the average consumer. You can hire an auction broker who can bid on your behalf. In fact, Copart and Manheim provide lists of these auction brokers who are authorized to use their websites – though only for specific auctions, depending upon the broker.

While this is one way around the dealer’s license restriction, there are two major drawbacks to working through an auction broker. First, you will be required to pay for that auction broker’s services, something that can cut significantly into the savings you stand to reap. Second, you won’t be conducting business with the auction site itself. Instead, you will be conducting business through the broker and will therefore be subject to that broker’s terms and conditions.

Online Auto Auctions Open to the Public

For the reasons outlined above, many auto buyers are interested in learning if there are competitors to major auction houses like Copart enterprise, Manheim car auction and others. As it turns out there are, and they’re tailor-made for consumers such as yourself. These online auto auction websites allow everyone – even non-licensed buyers – to participate in auctions for used and salvage cars at some of these major auction houses.

They are able to do this by listing vehicles on their site from certain auction houses (other than Manheim auto auctions) so that you get access to this inventory at great prices. Because of this, it’s possible for you to browse and view extensive inventory of used and salvage cars, finding one (or maybe even more) that’s right for your needs at a great price. Best of all, these websites know that many will be newcomers to the auction process, so they provide auction specialists to their users, who can help with everything from searching and bidding to winning and delivery.

Try Online Auto Auctions Today

If you’ve been looking for a competitor to Manheim and Copart that’s open to the public, then you needn’t look for. There are now several online auto dealer auction websites out there that do allow the public to participate. So, sign up for one today, and start saving the money you should be able to when you buy a used or salvage car.