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10 Cool Car Upgrade That Can Improve Value and Sophistication

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 02/17/2022

Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle?


Modifying your car improves the value, aesthetics, and performance of your car. A lot of upgrades are legally allowed but others, if not checked could land you on the wrong side of the law. 


A car upgrade gives your car a fresh look, making it more luxurious and sleek. 



Sometimes it might bite a bit more out of your pocket when getting a car upgrade. But there are cheaper ways of making your vehicle look more sophisticated. You can make use of classy and luxurious seat covers as an alternative to upgrading your seats. You can also make use of cool floor mats and car accessories that can improve the look of your vehicle. 


Check out some car upgrades you can apply to your vehicle.  


What Car Upgrade Can I Do On My Vehicle?

1. Tire, Wheels & Rim Upgrade

Getting a new set of tires is the best tire upgrade and improves performance. There are different tires for different weather conditions, like winter tires for the winter season. Replace your wheel covers/hubcaps to give your wheels a new look.



You can get protection from your rims by adding a protective film to protect them from scratches and unwanted dents. 


If you dont have money to replace your tires and wheels, you can add fender flares. Fender flares make your vehicle unique and can protect your tires from road debris. You can also shine your tires and paint your wheels to make them stand out. 


2. Suspension Upgrade

Suspension upgrades must be done within your state’s limit if not it becomes illegal.

The right suspension system upgrades your car performance and has better handling. A good suspension upgrade gives you a better and more enjoyable driving experience. 


3. Seats Upgrade

This is one of the most popular upgrades that you can do to your car. You can upgrade your car’s interior to feel more sporty by upgrading them with a set of sports seats. They are much more comfortable and luxurious. Upgrading to sports seats can make you have a better driving position. Make sure your airbags are not affected when installing your sports seats. 


4. Upgrade Your Pedals

Using covers for your pedals or switching to aluminum pedals gives them a new look. Your pedals will be more scratch-resistant and will be less slippery, giving you a new level of comfort for your feet.


Switching to aluminum or another type of cover for your accelerator and brake pedals adds a one-of-a-kind look but also can have some perks: You’ll gain a nonslip, scratch-resistant, and comfortable surface for your feet as well as the illusion that your cheap car has racing genes. Don’t want to spend a lot of money to improve your interior?


5. Body Upgrade

Give your vehicle a paint job to give it a new and fresh look. You can decide to get a professional or do it yourself. You can use, matte, glossy, or a wrap. 



Add a spoiler to your vehicle. It can affect your vehicle’s aerodynamics, giving you better fuel efficiency and better handling. Spoilers also give your car a sporty feel and a safer driving experience. You can also add customized hood ornaments and upgrade your car’s emblem. You can do this by giving it a shine or color which makes it stand out.


Switch your fuel door to stainless steel or chrome-plated can make your car’s exterior look more expensive and luxurious. 


Add a hood protector to protect your hood and windshield from debris, giving your hood a new look. It also gives your vehicle an aerodynamic advantage over some other vehicles.


6. Add a Turbocharger

To boost your engine’s performance, add a turbocharger or supercharger. It creates more power for your vehicle by forcing more air into your engine. When adding a turbocharger, ensure it doesn’t cause your vehicle to fail the state’s emission check and safety inspection. 


7. Interior LED Lighting

LED lighting is a good way to upgrade your vehicle’s interior without breaking your bank. Interior lighting highlights your cabin, adds light under the dash, and adds color to your interior. Interior LED lighting gives your interior a great and new look. 


8. Window Tint

If your state laws allow a window tint, it’s a cool upgrade for your vehicle. It gives it a mysterious look and reduces the amount of light that enters your vehicle. If you have to tint your windows, make sure you have gotten permission to do so or your state allows this. 


9. Upgrade Your Headlights

You can upgrade your headlight bulbs with HID lights. This will give your car brighter headlights and a sophisticated new look. You can also add headlight covers to your vehicle to give it a more sophisticated look. 



10. Add Truck Bed Caps

A trunk bed cap protects your trunk from scratches while hauling and gives your truck a fresh look. This car upgrade is not expensive to implement and makes your truck sleeker.  


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Ensure that you check your state laws before making some upgrades and modifications to your vehicle. Also, have professionals handle your car upgrade or supervise you while doing them. 


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