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Discover the Benefits of an Auto Dealer Auction

By Mike Richards Updated: 06/20/2022 Posted: 05/17/2017

How recently have you purchased a new or used vehicle? Whether it was within the past year or even the past ten years, you know the drill. You head to the different lots, do some comparison shopping, and when you are pretty sure about what you want, you begin to negotiate with the salesperson.


There is often the need to deal with the financing, registration, and other paperwork, and then in a few days or so, you can head to the lot and complete the deal. This is relatively easy, and it might be why you think that an auto dealer auction would not be such a simple way to get a car or truck.


Here’s the thing, as you drive off the lot, that new or even used car is going to lose a substantial amount of “value”. This is because it has been marked up to the market price, plus has the different fees and taxes tacked on. You are paying a serious premium for the convenience of buying off the lot, and yet you could save enormous sums as well as all kinds of time and energy by finding a way to participate in an online auto dealer auction.


What Is an Auto Dealer Auction?

There are a few ways that you might see an auto dealer auction run. Some are local or in-person, and licensed dealers are able to bid on and buy cars.

There are also online auctions in which those same licensed dealers get their pick of the like-new, used or salvage vehicles.

Then, there are premium online auto dealer auction sites that allow you, the non-licensed buyer to get your chance at the amazingly affordable cars or trucks available.


you may be thinking of reasons it would be better, wiser, or easier to stick with the classic “off the lot” purchase method. Consider the many benefits of auto dealer auction sites online.


  1. They save tons of money

It is not usually hundreds, but thousands that can be saved when you buy through an online auction. After all, dealers are buying these cars and then mark them up for sale. If they could not make the kinds of profits needed to remain in business, they wouldn’t buy from the auctions. Imagine buying at the price that they pay even before most buyers see the vehicles!


  1. They are amazingly convenient

You literally, buy a car from the comfort of your living room, dining room, or bedroom –  in your pajamas. This is because online dealer auctions are just that – online. Register your account, and put down your deposit.  Work with an agent to identify the vehicle you want. They handle the bidding and all of the rest.


  1. They give you many choices

Lots of dealerships have only their own inventory, and tack on fees for accessing other lots. The choices in dealer auctions are immense, nothing costs more because it is not currently part of a dealer’s inventory.


There are many reasons to buy at a dealer auction…


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