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Do you Need a Dealer License for Copart?

By Mike Richards Posted: 09/16/2019

Over the years, Copart has built up a reputation of being the best dealer auction company around. Copart Auto Auctions has a huge variety of cars on offer. Do you need a dealer license for Copart? Their auctions are closed for the wider public and to answer the question in the shortest possible way: yes, you do need a dealer license to attend Copart car auctions. But there is another way in. We will discuss how a member of the public can access Copart auctions.

Dealer and Public Auctions

The world of auto auctions is very diverse. While Copart auctions are closed to the public and only accessible to holders of dealer licenses, other auctions are open to the public at large. At these auctions you can find all sorts of vehicles, in a variety of conditions, all usually at prices well below those you’d find at your local dealership.

But the best thing about auctions, both public and private, is that most of them have also moved online. Through online platforms like Auto Auction Mall, you can browse hundreds of thousands of vehicles from auctions all across the country. You can get all the information you need, expert customer service and the ability to purchase the vehicle of your choice from any of those auctions.

How to Get In

This will allow you to access Copart and other dealer auctions without having to become a dealer yourself. As Copart has moved online as well, you can exploit the advantages of a niche industry that emerged as a response to demand of private buyers to buy cars without the dealer markup.

Third-party proxy companies, as they are called, maintain a dealer license for a sole purpose of providing you, a private buyer, access to any dealer auction, including Copart, for a reasonable fee.

This allows you to browse any auction inventory and view cars on offer online, from the comfort of your home. The best thing is that you get a dedicated agent to work with you, helping you along the whole process. Auto Auction Mall’s powerful search engine also allows to tailor your search to meet your requirements and only go into further detail if a car matches your search.

How to Bid

However, you need to keep in mind that Copart and other dealer-only auctions are still strictly speaking accessible only to dealers. This means that, while you can browse and choose the vehicle you want, you cannot directly bid on them. Auto Auction Mall, as the holder of the dealer license, will do that for you.

But you can rest assured that you keep everything under control. You are the one who sets the budget and, especially, the maximum bid. You just need to tell your agent what the maximum bid is and they won’t spend a dime above it. When setting your budget, however, you also need to bear in mind that you have to account for other expenses besides the cost of the car. These include the third-party proxy company fee, auction fees, and transport fees.

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Speaking of transport fees, Auto Auction Mall can also help you arrange shipping for your vehicle. Once you winning your car at auction, make sure to get in touch with our customer support and enquire about Auto Auction Mall’s prices. You may well find out that it is a lot cheaper and more convenient than using a third-party shipping company.

But even with all the fees worked in, you still avoid the hassle of negotiating with a car salesman, spending days going to dealers to look at cars that don’t fully match your requirements and need, spend money on gasoline and spend your time in the process. Buying from Copart through a third-party company like Auto Auction Mall gives you the chance to either save money or get more bang for your buck.

Why Access Copart Through Auto Auction Mall?

The first reason is access. Not only does using our platform give you access to all Copart vehicle auctions, normally reserved for license holders, but also access to similar auctions throughout the US, including the other largest auction house – IAAI, amongst others. This gives you unrivaled access to vehicles for sale online, that another representative for Copart cannot replicate.

Auto Auction Mall is also an authorized Copart representative. This means everything is above board, and you can be assured of our trading practices.

Auto Auction Mall Fees for Accessing Copart Auctions

Our standard fees include a static $75 documentation fee. This covers the costs of registering legal documents, and signing the car over to you. Our purchase fee is the low cost that Auto Auction Mall charges in order to cover our operating costs for the transactions:

  • Purchase Price $0 to $3,499 = $249
  • Purchase Price $3,500+ = $299

Copart authorized representatives, such as Auto Auction Mall are given 2 options in terms of fees from Copart. There are 2 schedules of fees Copart charges. We use Schedule B for the auction clearing house fee. The reason we use Schedule B is to retain the flexibility to make both secured and unsecured payments to the auction clearing house. Schedule A is designed for secured-only payments, and as we have a wide range of customers, we cannot simply opt for schedule A.

Copart’s fees, known as auction clearing house fees, vary based on the final purchase price of the car. This money goes directly to Copart.

We can assure you that our fees are among the lowest in the industry compared to our competitors. Also, our international shipping rates are also amongst the lowest available. This is something we are very proud of.

Auto Auction Mall offers a service giving access to people without a dealer’s license to buy from US dealer-only car auctions. Without companies like us, they would not be able to buy cars from these auctions at wholesale pricing unless they had a car dealer’s license. This is a great benefit we offer where you can save thousands on the cost of your next vehicle.

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