What is Salvage title?

Don’t Buy a Salvage Car Before Reading This Article

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 05/17/2017

Are you looking to buy a salvage car?

If so, please make sure you read this article first so you don’t make a big mistake.

Don’t Set Low Standards

The cardinal sin that most people commit when they buy a salvage car is that they really aren’t expecting much.

To be fair, they might be down on their luck, too. They’ve found themselves in a situation where they need something to help them get around for the foreseeable future and don’t have a lot of money to spend.

As such, they might immediately buy a salvage car the first time they see one that’s reasonably priced and never think twice about it.

This is unfortunate because there may have been other vehicles available that were actually in pretty good shape.

It’s very, very important that you understand that not all salvage cars are junk. You can often find some real gems when you’re in the market.

“Salvage” Is a Legal Term

While it may get thrown around a bit loosely from time to time, the actual term “salvage” is a legal one. It means that the insurance company that offered a policy for it is now selling it because they don’t want to pay for repairs.

When you buy a salvage car, the government will require that you handle certain repairs before you ever actually drive it. Therefore, you can’t even get behind the wheel just to take it home or bring it to a mechanic. It has to be delivered to its next location on the back of a truck.

Repairs Won’t Necessarily Break Your Budget

Speaking of repairs, while you have to have them done, you shouldn’t assume that these are going to cost a fortune.

This is where doing your research or bringing a car enthusiast with you will help a lot. Before you decide whether or not to buy a salvage car, you want to know how much the repairs are going to cost.

Again, don’t be surprised if the total amount is still a steal.

Your Insurance Company Might Not Issue You a Policy

Seeing as how these cars get this designation because of the negative opinion that insurance companies have of them, it makes sense that your agency may not be to be too eager to issue you a policy.

It’s a misconception, though, that these vehicles are impossible to insure. You can almost always find an insurance agency that will play ball.

You’ll have to get those repairs done first and may also need to pay for liability insurance, but you’ll still get that all-important policy.

Call your insurance company beforehand to explain to them you’re buying a salvage car and see what they say. If you don’t have one, call a few others to see what their opinions are. This will help you make the right decision when you go to make a purchase.

Although we hope this information will help you if you’re in the market for a salvage car, we can also do a lot more. At Auto Auction Mall, we’ll work within your budget and bid on your behalf to find you a great car from auctions all over the country.