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Driver Assist Technology: Safety Features in Cars for Monitoring and Communication

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 12/23/2021

Anytime you jump behind the wheel, your first thought should be your safety rather than speed. 


Driver assist technologies help the driver stay alive thanks to warnings, notifications. In some cases, computer-driven overrides to avoid potentially fatal car crashes.

Some of these features pop up on your dashboard in the form of warning lights. Some assist you gently like vibrating the steering wheel or activating when you carry out certain actions or exceed preset safety limits. 


Driver Assist Technology


Safety features can deploy your airbags or activate the brakes when speeding above the limit.


This article is part-3 of our Car Safety series, if you missed parts-1 and part-2, check them out here…


In this article, we will look at driver assist features that monitor the state of the driver. How he is operating/interacting with the vehicle alert the driver if need be or activates some fail-safes if required. ..


5 Driver Assist Features You Should Know

1. Curve Speed Warning

If you’ve ever driven in an unfamiliar area and come across a really sharp bend you didn’t expect, your first course of action was to slam the brakes real hard to slow down your vehicle. It may have worked for you at that time but it is a really dangerous move, especially if you are driving at night.  


With the Curve Speed Warning safety feature, your location and speed are tracked using GPS.then warns you to slow down when approaching a bend or sharp curve. In some models, the system can coordinate with a database of very risky bends and exits then alert you to be extra careful in those areas. 


2. Obstacle Detection

Obstacle Detection, sometimes called proximity sensors, detects slow-moving vehicles or objects and alerts the driver to avoid a collision. It makes use of ultrasonic sensors which measure the distance between your vehicle and obstacles around your front and rear bumper, which then alert you. The closer you are to the obstacle the faster the beeps from the alert and if the beep is continuous, collision is bound to happen.  


3. High-Speed Alert

From the statistics of accidents that occur, a shocking 30% is credited to speeding. This has put manufacturers in a bind trying to create solutions that can help reduce these numbers and keep more people safe. They found a way by creating a safety feature that assists drivers in making smart decisions while driving hence, the High-Speed Alert feature. 


This feature makes use of GPS to coordinate the position of your vehicle, comparing it with the available speed limit information t the built-in speed sensor. You will then receive an alert if you are overspeeding, some versions make use of cameras to read speed limit signs then alert you if you are going over the speed limit. 


4. Push Button Start

This is a simpler and innovative way of turning on your vehicle automatically without a key. This feature receives a signal from a key fob which when activated allows the car to start, and only works when the driver has the key fob close by. 


This makes turning on your vehicle much easier and more stress-free


5. Drowsiness Alert

This feature uses sensors to track lane markings and the position of your car in your lane. It tracks how many times you leave your lanes within a given period of time. This helps the system to detect if you are drowsy. 

Some advanced features learn your driving style and alert you if you make turns you wouldn’t normally make.

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The first step to car safety is the driver’s condition!


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